WTF?? Spencer Pratt of the Hills – “I’m the White Jay Z”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Spencer Pratt, the male half of the sickening duo Heidi and Spencer (aka Speidi) from the MTV soap opera The Hills thinks he can rap. White Jay Z? Words can’t express how much we would like to see him get his @ss tossed up by the black Jay Z. Pop the top for more

Spencer Pratt insists that his recently released rap song, “I’m a Celebrity,” isn’t just a promo for his upcoming stint on the reality show, “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” Instead, the newlywed “Hills” star reveals that the song is just a taste of what fans can expect when he does eventually put out his own rap album. Yes, Spencer has plans to release a rap album.

“I’ve always known that I secretly am the hottest rapper in the game,” he told MTV News. “But I didn’t feel the urge until Asher Roth started hitting the airwaves and — no offense to Asher Roth — somebody with some real swagger needed to come into the game. So, I’ll challenge him. I’ll challenge him to a freestyle or whatever.”

He went on to add, “I’m the white Jay-Z in the game. I’m doing the baller thing. I’m more for the streets.”

Pratt — who does have plans to release an album with his equally musically inclined wife, who once hinted at his musical abilities — said that unlike Asher Roth, he’s bringing the baller mentality back to the rap game. “The only person I’m really feeling in the game right now is Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane,” he said, adding that his album will have “big, huge Steve Morales tracks [the producer behind Lil Wayne’s ‘Pop Bottles’], so it’ll definitely be big hooks, and I’m going after the ringtone game.”

So, until they hit the studio together, fans of Speidi can also look forward to a tour someday. “We’re a team. We’ll be going on tour together. She’s my #1, like Biggie and Lil’ Kim back in the day.”

Eminem should be offended. White boys like this take white rappers back to the days of Vanilla Ice.


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  • bmore chick

    In his dreams…

  • whoknew?

    1st… sit down, ho!

  • bmore chick

    some people just dont know what to say…

  • whoknew?

    ok 2nd…darn you, bmore chick!!!

  • candy

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  • Love Is The Answer


  • whoknew?

    i believe paul mooney said it best on the dave chappelle show “everybody wants to be a n*gga but nobody wants to be a n*gga…”

  • ...


  • Rebellion is an Art. [::(]0__o[)::]

    ARMAGEDDON!!!!!! the end is obviously friggin near. WHAT THE DEUCE? talk about fighting desperately for relevance…….

  • Rebellion is an Art. [::(]0__o[)::]

    soulja boy n gucci mane? no,…SERIOUSLY? someone arrest this kid before he actually kills hip hop!!!!!!!

    (bet you even soulja boy goin “what the f@#k!! YAA bi@#h YAAA!!!!”) SMH

  • Golden Goddess

    hell no.
    he ain’t $hit!

  • Cx

    Duh!!! He’s being sarcastic!!!! The fool’s just trying to get a reaction and it worked. No need to get emotional about it.

    Haven’t you heard of satire?!

  • me (the original)®

    “The only person I’m really feeling in the game right now is Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane,”


    Isn’t the plural of person “people”?

    I think the stupidity right there is quite indicative of his suspect taste.

    Soulja Boy. Gucci Mane. LMAO

    If this dude comes out and is “hot”, then it is official, hip hop is dead.

  • john hope franklin

    ho sit down…although gucci is bumpin’

  • blkqueen39

    Wigga sit down please!!!

  • Nique

    Biggie and lil kim??

    HA!!! More like Sonny and Cher

  • Jamaican Princess

    Why oh why? Reading this post made me tired. The whole thing is just wrong. I’m depressed for him. Like… really? is this what we have all come to? Poor thang… He clearly is more far gone than his wife. Um Heidi come get your man please!

  • missunderstood

    @ whoknew? – cosign.

  • Jamaican Princess

    I think Jay Z, Soulja Boy & Gucci Mane should sue Spencer for calling their names… I dunno… Unlawful name dropping? does that work? Coming from him, their names sound like curse words… just sounds wrong.

  • Rock D


  • (Ms. Neen)

    I found this to be so funny. I saw him on Tyra one day I just really thinks he believes his self lol. It’s sad that I don’t take him seriously but at least he wants to be down lol. It could be worst-he could be racist.

  • john hope franklin

    @ black queen
    i guess you didnt want to sit down??

  • john hope franklin

    @ me
    yeah i guess thats why 50 about to sign him huh?

  • I iUv hIp HoP

    Who’s this???

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