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Must-See Unsolved Mysteries

Every year, Black History month comes and goes without any of our greatest unsolved puzzles being cracked. At some point, we’ll eventually solve the delicious mysteries that haunt us but we doubt that happens anytime soon.

Hit the flip for the greatest unsolved Black history mysteries ever.

The original DeflateGate. STILL no explanation.

“And I’m having a child, which is more frightening…” – Jay Z “4 Da Fam” (2000)

Uhhh what child, Hov?

“Heeshee! (Ungh) Blowticious. Skeevee? Delicious” – LL Cool J, “Flava in your Ear (Remix)”

LL tried to explain…but…nope

Gucci Mane really spoke to kids at an Atlanta-area school during career day? Why did Gucci speak to kids during career day?

Who said this, Bow Wow? We’re still waiting.

Why was Hov windmilled into oblivion by Solange? WHAT DID HE DO?

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Why don’t Black people actually get in the pool at pool parties?

Why did Hurricane Chris perform “Halle Berry” at a Lousiana State Legislature Session? This is what Louisiana spends tax dollars on?

Why would you do THIS? Why?

Seriously, how old is Blue Ivy? No, really, how old is she?

Why did this happen?

Pac still alive?

Whose child is this? Do they know their child is an internet phenomenon?

Could this be the REAL reason “Martin” ended?

The answer? N-Y-C (allegedly).

Where did Judy Winslow go? We just know she somehow popped up on adult movie sets.

Stevie Wonder’s dwindling braidlettes? Why hasn’t anyone stepped in?

To this day, Little Nicky’s Blue Ivy-ish growth on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is a Top 50 mystery.



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