It Ain’t Nothing To Cut That Bish Off: Kardashian Klan Officially Dumps Bruce Jenner From The Roster

- By Bossip Staff

Bruce Jenner Being Cut Off From Kardashian Family

Welp, it’s begun. With Kris and Bruch Jenner’s divorce virtually completed and Bruce moving on to womanhood, according to TMZ, new clips from the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians have Kris & crew painting Bruce as an uninterested, absentee father — far more wrapped up in his own personal issues than anything going on with his family.

In fact, it seems the Kardashians are cutting off Bruce’s entire side of the family. As sources close to the show’s production told TMZ, one of the women can be heard on-camera stating that “Bruce and the boys are almost completely out of the picture,” since they barely visit. Later, another one says, “Maybe it’s time to admit to themselves that they’re barely even enough of a family anymore to go on vacation [with us].”

The show is also seeking to paint Bruce as a long-term absentee dad — once episode’s focus centers on a conflict between Scott and Bruce, with “Lord Disick” getting annoyed at Bruce providing advice on fatherhood. After the two get done with some beach activity, Scott says Bruce “got on his high horse on how to be the world’s best dad.” Then later said to Kourtney, “I wonder what Brody would have to say about that” — making reference to the fact that Bruce wasn’t really around while Brody grew up.

Man, maybe Amber is right. When this family is through with you…looks like they’ll really try to make you look like garbage.

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