Slavery Video Game Designed To Make Learning About It Fun For Students

For Discussion: New Slavery Video Game Designed To Make Learning About It “Fun” For Students Causes Outrage

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Outrage Erupts Over New Slavery Video Game Intended To Make Learning About It “Fun” For Students

A fairly new video game designed to make learning about slavery more “fun” for students is rightfully causing a huge uproar across the country.

via RT News

A computer game simulating the experiences of a US slave girl in the 19th Century has sparked outrage across the country. Critics believe the game doesn’t depict the true brutality of slavery and students should look to other resources to learn about it.

The educational learning program in question is called ‘Flight to Freedom’ and chronicles the experiences of a 14-year-old black slave called Lucy King, who works on a slave plantation in Kentucky. Users have to try and help her escape to the north of the country, where slavery has been abolished.

Upon learning about the game, after she received an email, recommending its use to coincide with Black History month, Rafranz Davis, who is an Instructional Technology Specialist for Schools, took to social media to vent her disgust.

“You would like to be a slave? The idea that a game could give a person a sense of what it felt like to fear for your life, to know everything that could possibly happen to you, which could be rape, a beating, death, mutilation is preposterous,” she told RT.

We’d have to agree that there are certainly better, more effective, non-borderline-racist ways to get students interested in learning about black history. What are your thoughts on this, Bossip fam? Let’s discuss.

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