When The Checks Stop Coming In: Raekwon

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Chef Raekwon recently dissed Joe Camel and Kanye West. Make sure you pay attention to the last part of the story:

Wu-Tang member Raekwon has launched a shocking attack on two of Hip Hop’s most prized assets, Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, the Killer Bee criticised the pair, saying that they were not ‘street’ enough, “A lot of street people don’t put stock in them anymore because they aren’t doing enough to excite anyone.” Raekwon went on to say that the pair had lost touch with their roots and in order to restore their credibility the two superstars should return to the “hood” and donate $100,000 (£512,000). When asked if he would be donating too, he stated that he didn’t have the finances to do this.


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  • Rasheen

    Remember that kid in 3rd grade who told you if rode a skateboard or read books you acting white? Well, here he is all grown up.

  • http://yahoo missy

    i like him for making the world know about war turn country sierra leone blood diamond when he visited there last year

  • bree

    LMFAO!..i guess he didnt realize he wasn’t making any sense..keeping it hood also keeps you poor, thank you Raekwon

  • http://www.myspace.com/phillystudio PHILLY DA BOSS inda323



  • http://www.blackpreneur.net blackpreneur


  • MJRG

    LOL @ Rasheen That is a shame but it is so true. I am so tired of hearing rappers that have fallen off say the ones that have made it are not street enough, or not thugs. Why Why would they want to continue to stand on the street corner and pretend to hustle??? I thought one of the purposes of the rap game was to make it out of the streets and better yourself. Stop the Hating!!

  • briana

    on another note- smh and Condolences to the family of Heath Ledger 😦 I can seriously say that was not anything I saw comming :/

  • Tee-Tee

    He better start runnin’ taxi like his former bandmate Capone does/did…Whatever…Frontin’ with all that Gucci on and can’t afford it…

  • http://myspace.com/keifk Keif K

    All three of these dudes r raw but listen to my sh*t myspace.com/keifk

  • AND...

    @Southern Belle 225

    “If he wasn’t so worried about street cred, he probably wouldn’t be broke.”

    Exactly. He must have gotten street credit and real credit confused.

  • kigali

    Sorry guys but there are some people who you just have to make an exception for and he is certainly the one. He is hip hop genius. Let him say what he wants. Chess champion Bobby Fischer just passed away. Many indulged him because of his skills. This dude said the craziest ish.Its the same logic.

  • kigali

    “A lot of street people don’t put stock in them anymore because they aren’t doing enough to excite anyone.”

    What was so wrong about the above statement? Kanye and Jay Z arent sacrosanct.

  • Grace

    I could care less about them being “street enough”. After I read the list of the biggest celebrity charity givers who gave $500,000 or more for 2007, I was applaud not to see any hip hop stars. I am talking about the ones that make 100 million or more from clothing lines alone. I am talking bout the ones who are popping off expensive champaign & making it rain on dem hoes at da club. The ones with $50k Jacob the jeweler chains around their fat necks. I am talking about the talk show, big booty shaking celebs who change their $2,000 lace wig every week. The ones who spend $4,000 a DAY to have a professional hair & makeup sylist at their beck & call. I guess we have to wait for Bono, Brad & Angelina to bring attention to the poverty in Africa.

  • Cage

    The sad thing is that he wasn’t always a broke hater… I never thought the Wu would last so long with all those “outta left field” verses. (And Capone was NORE’s partna)Props to him for humbling himself and drivin that cab instead of slangin more coke

  • kigali

    If anything all he is saying is that these rappers lost some of their demographic because of the musical choices they made. These choices may have opened up another market for them but certainly not the street market. Fact of the matter is these consequences are considered all the time in the music industry. They wil assess the risks taken when you change your music, change the way you dress, the way your hair is style, its color. I mean look at Rhianna when she cut her hair. That was a business decision.

  • http://www.abovethespotlight.com cutie pie

    o please when wu tang was at the top of their game he didn’t donate a damn thing to the hood..I sure don’t remember receiving any payments.

    And not every rapper needs to be hood by the way… that is so 1995

  • http://blackgirlsconnect.com Mike

    Hey buddy, your profile on blackgirlsconnect.com is great, you wrote some private message there in order to attract some girls attention??


  • http://www.myspace.com/phillystudio PHILLY DA BOSS inda323

    now that i rethink all of this

    kwon is kinda on point

    jay-z is like a gazillionare now…as well as beyonce….

    but what about the community?? why hasnt jigga bought his old projects and turned them into low rent luxury suites, or somethin

  • Zoe

    Sitting in that chair, it looks like if he said anything his breath would smell like mildewed SH!T!

    But he’s right tho!

  • trs

    He aught to be shame of himself for telling Jay and Kanye what they should be doing when he can’t even come up with the dough to match their contributions!! ISSMH at this type of ignorance, but I have to admit I laughed my ass off when I read that last line….Shouldn’t this be under “when the checks stop coming in?”

  • Coop


    What is wrong is that he will not do the same thing to best of ability.

  • http://www.whoizjazz.com ms jazz
  • Coop

    @PHILLY DA BOSS inda323

    He may not be able to throw $100,000 around like some of the big stars but Rae is sitting there Gucci down so he should be able to give back maybe $5,000 – $10,000, but he won’t.

  • that-dude

    @ COOP:

    I think people here conflate/confuse the issue. No where in the statement does Rae state they should be “thuggin'”, he just states that they do not excite anymore, and in order to stay relevant in the “hoods” they surely exploit on wax, donations are a good idea.

    Note, I have no knowledge of Jay or Kanye’s philanthropy.

    Its unfortunate that everyone on here is worried about Rae’s finances. He states he can’t contribute like to that extent, but truly who could. Unless you are a multi-platinum artist/producer, who is able to sell major venues by yourself, you probably don’t have 100K lying around. Remember, all that Wu money was split at least 8 ways.

  • Bronx Brawler

    If he stopped smoking leak & letting Rza & Power rob him he could donate.

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