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According to a recent report, Obama is making it rain on Hillary Clinton in South Carolina. Here is the WSJ discussing some alleged class divisions within the Black community on Barack Obama:

A poll this fall by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a black think tank, shows the wide disparity of support for Mr. Obama among blacks. While 75% of blacks who went to college had a favorable or very favorable view of the candidate — rising to 88% among blacks who went to graduate or professional school — support dipped to 62% among those with just a high-school degree and to 42% among blacks who haven’t finished high school. A similar pattern shows up as income levels fall among blacks. And while 83% of blacks employed full time had a favorable view of Mr. Obama, just 55% of unemployed blacks did.

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  • http://www.cafepress.com/buy/everyone+loves+a+black+girl/-/pv_design_details/pg_1/id_20426726/opt_/fpt_/c_666/ BostonBitty

    2nd but im too upset bout the Heath STORY TO POST

  • JB

    Basically dumb, slave-minded, self-hating black people like the Clintons. And progressive intelligent blacks are down with Obama. Period.

  • http://www.impawards.com/1991/posters/five_heartbeats.jpg Dap Dunlap, MBA

    Problem is that some Black folks still associate getting an education and being articulate with being white. Unfortunately some dumb fools who are completely ignirant of our history equate “Blackness” with poverty, street education and crime.

    “Wake Up!”

  • jaycee

    Basically dumb, slave-minded, self-hating black people like the Clintons. And progressive intelligent blacks are down with Obama. Period.


    RME. I don’t owe the Clintons anything. Frankly, I like Edwards better than both Clinton and Obama. I like what I hear about Bloomberg and I hope he runs.

    After Obama’s comments about Reagan, I am surprised some of y’all haven’t loosened your grip. Yeah, Reagan created energy and excitement, but his presidency was not a benefit to people of color or white folks for that matter. Trickle down economics works in textbooks, not real life as his administration proved. So we should get excited about people who inspire us to change but do not have the goods to back it up? If we are going to elect folks based on their speeches, then I think Joel Olsteen would be a much better candidate.

    I don’t get it so I must be one of those dumb, slave-minded negroes. The nuiance is too subtle for me to get I guess.

    I haven’t ruled out Obama, but I have given him more chances than I would give any other candidate because he is black and I like his wife.

  • MuSiCreVuGiRL

    I think if anything, this just shows that when someone finally makes SOMETHING of themselves, the people at the bottom are extremely resentful (and one could even argue just plain jealous).

    I believe this happens in any group (racial or otherwise).. hence the term “HATER”. ;-P

  • MuSiCreVuGiRL

    I like his wife too, and the little girls!! adorable!

  • DM

    Love Obama and family.

    Golden Child– are you working on your GED? I hope so because you are one stupid person.

  • http://www.myspace.com/antbo0gz bo0gzz

    of course the EDUCATEDD kno how to vote in the south. no more plantations owners keeping them away from polls.

  • :)

    people really need to do their research about Mr. Clinton (since he is the only reason they like his wife). He strongly opposed affirmative action, and he really did nothing for the black community. Barack is all about civil right, and has been makin major moves to not only help out blacks, but all minorities..

    This clinton ish, has gone WAY outta hand.. They dont give a DAMM about blacks! I mean Bill was snoozin durin the MLK day speech..!!!

  • finewine

    Will the crabs in a barrell syndrome ever end?! I’m glad that some people are thinking for themselves, regardless of who they want to vote for, and not just rolling with the Clintons because Bill was the “first black Pres.”

  • JB

    Preach, finewine. Especially since Bill Clinton wasn’t the first black President. And his true colors are showing now too. He’s baldface lying on Obama all over the country. White leaders like Bill are cool with blacks as long as it’s understood that HE’S in charge.

  • finewine

    Exactly JB! Whenever i ask someone who speaks so highly of Bill, I always ask them what it is exactly that he’s done. Of course I usually get blank stares; some people mention the economy, which I agree with, but that was ALL he did. If he had left things in a better state (especially internationally) then I don’t think we’d be in the situation we are in. Don’t get me wrong, GW is a screw up, but Bill had his shortcomings as well. As of late, I can’t stand Hillary or Bill. Obama/Edwards ’08 for me, or a republican.

  • JB

    Yup yup. It’s Obama or McCain for me!

  • lampshadehead

    so black folks with money like obama more? hmmmm….

    who else gets the rich votes?

    conservative republicans!

    the education and income has some correlation anyway since the more education you have the more money you earn.

  • Lou_Brock

    Clinton supporters always talk about her experience. Let me ask you this… What experience?

    I wouldn’t hire Tony Dungy’s wife to coach the Indianapolis Colts. I wouldn’t hire Phil Jackson’s woman to coach the Lakers.

    So please explain to me: What experience does she have that is so impressive? Name one battle that she has fought and won in the last 20 years?

    Oh I see… you wanna give her partial credit for Bill’s administration! Okay, then name one piece of legislation from the Clinton years that benefited the Black Community. Name one!


    Obama ’08: The Fierce Urgency Of Now!

  • yea

    “Nothing that went down during Clinton’s administration was positive for black people or for the country in general”

    Black unemployment decreasing isn’t positive. Unemployment for Black Americans and Hispanics fell to the lowest rates on record, and the rate for women was the lowest in more than 40 years.

    The country having a surplus instead of the trillion dollar debt thanks to bush. Haiti becoming a democracy. Pardons for blacks that shouldn’t have been in jail.Countless black appointments in fact he appointed more minorities to key positions than any other president in history. His work in South Africa. Clinton’s administration gave $250 million to historically Black colleges and more than $387 million in loans to Black business people.

    Those aren’t positive things? If you say so

  • Absolutely correct again.

    …..yesterday I asked this housekeeper at this hospital what the Clintons had done for her after she was applauding them for all they had done for us when in office…..a blank stare…..real dumb and no response.

  • Lou_Brock

    In 1986 and 1988, two federal sentencing laws were enacted that made the punishment for distributing crack cocaine 100 times greater than the punishment for powder cocaine. The result of these laws is that persons convicted of federal crack offenses, who tend to be African American, receive much harsher penalties than those convicted of powder cocaine charges, a much larger portion of whom are white. For example, someone convicted in federal court of distributing 5 grams of crack cocaine automatically receives a 5-year, mandatory minimum sentence, while it takes 500 grams of powder cocaine to trigger a 5-year mandatory sentence.

    Despite the fact that about 2/3 of crack cocaine users are white or Hispanic, 84.5% of defendants convicted of crack possession in federal court in 1994 were African American, 10.3% white, and 5.2% Hispanic according to data from the United States Sentencing Commission. Trafficking offenders were 4.1% white, 88.3% black, and 7.1% Hispanic.19

    By contrast, powder cocaine offenders were more racially mixed. Defendants convicted of simple possession of cocaine powder were 58% white, 26.7% black, and 15% Hispanic. The powder trafficking offenders were 32% white, 27.4% black, and 39.3% Hispanic.

    As a part of the 1994 crime bill that President Clinton signed, the U.S. Sentencing Commission–a body designed to develop and oversee federal sentencing guidelines–was directed to study the effects of these laws. In 1995, they recommended equalizing the quantity of crack and powder cocaine that would trigger a mandatory sentence. Congress rejected that recommendation, which marked the first time it had done so since the establishment of the commission. President Clinton followed Congress and signed the rejection into law.

    First Black President My Ass!

  • @ homegirl

    By the way all black folks all Al Sharpon and Jesse Jackson ever did was run their dam mouthe…please.We know them from way back.

  • random


    OBAMA 08

  • Amani

    @3 JB I agree with you 100% I know who I am voting for.

  • lovely and amazing

    @ JB

    Your earlier post-

    “White leaders like Bill are cool with blacks as long as it’s understood that HE’S in charge.”

    sums up Billary in a nutshell. Thank you.

  • finewine


    A few positive things can be said about almost any admiinistration, except for James K. Polk.lol G.W., who most of “us” hate, has appointed more AA to the highest offices ever— C. Rice, C. Powell. Kudos to him huh? our economy has been headed for a recession in the past 2 years or so, but prior to that (i.e. during G.W.’s turn) it was the highest number of AA with small businesses. Unless I am mistaken, unemployment was at a low as well. the problem with that low, however, is that the minimum wage is still too low, which shows that just because people have jobs, doesn’t mean that have good jobs. Also, G.W. has given billions of dollar to Africa, because Colin Powell (the negro who most blacks call a sellout) made him do so in exchange for his agreeing to the Iraq war. So, your argument can be used for any president. However, that still doesn’t change what Obama has done, and will continue to do in his political career. For one, he plans on changing the Fed law that makes it mandatory to give more time for crack than powder cocaine, he has been a Civil Rights attorney, he has taken on the lobbyists, and is against the partisanship that has consumed our goverment.

    I agree with whomever pointed out the fact that Obama and Clinton are pro-residency of current illegal immigrants. I think that’s true for most of the Dem party; that party is pretty much founded on “the little person.” To be honest, I don’t see how their plans for universal healthcare (which is something I totally disagree with) will come to fruition. I can’t think of one thing that the Fed goverment hasn’t messed up when it had total control of it. I can’t imagine having them in charge of my health care. I mean, has anyone taken a close look at Canada’s health care system. It seems okay from afar, because primary care there is very good, but any specialities, surgeries, etc. that you need require you be put on a waiting list that takes years. My friend had to pay for her own surgery out of pocket rather than wait. You know that will become a big problem for Blacks because a lot of us can’t just pull out thousands of dollars to pay for a surgery, in order that it is done more expediently.

    i’ll stop now b/c i’m tired of writing.lol

  • Lou_Brock

    @ Yea:

    You’re talking about conditions. I’m asking you, what Clinton policies lead to those conditions?

    Because, if you ask me… The tech bubble of the 90s led to those increases in tax receipts.

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