No Justice: Racist Judge Who Referred To Black People As “Country N****rs” Gets To Keep His Job

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NY Judge Who Referred To Black People As “Country N****rs” Gets To Keep His Job

Yet another “man of the law” is getting away with racist disrespect directed towards African-Americans…..and this time, it’s a NY judge.

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Judge Gerald Popeo, a Utica City, New York judge, was accused of denigrating Blacks and others. Despite his actions, he got to keep his job, according to

Popeo is alleged to have used a racial slur after a session in his court when he asked an African-American attorney if he knew what New York City Blacks call Black people from upstate New York. When the lawyer said he had no response to the question Popeo posed, the judge allegedly said, “country n***ers.”  Popeo has vehemently denied making the berating remark.  Two lawyers said they heard it, the paper reports.

There have been other accusations against the Popeo, such as in 2011, he twice referred to a prosecutor as a “cigar store Indian” for not being more aggressive in court.

Despite the justice’s courtroom antics, the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct decided that Popeo was not being racially insensitive with the Native American insult. As far as the alleged “country n****rs” comment, the Commission concluded that the insults could not be verified because three other witnesses did not hear the remarks, and Popeo did not ‘fess up to making the statement.

How can any person of color be expected to think they’d receive fair treatment from this man knowing that he’s made these comments??? SMH.

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