Wanda Sykes Ridiculed for Making Jokes About Idiotic Rush Limbaugh?

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We have heard worse said about that punk Rush Limbaugh on the evening news:

Wanda Sykes’ jokes at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner have caused quite an upset among political and conservative commentators who feel some of her punchlines went too far. During the daily briefing on Monday, White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs was asked about the specific joke in which Skyes spoke about Rush Limbaugh and his hopes that the Obama administration “fails,” saying that his views are no different from that of Osama Bin Laden and suggested that he may have been a 9/11 terrorist. Naturally, the White House cannot condone such a notion, and expressed disapproval, reports the Associated Press. Continue…

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  • Pride

    She said it so be it. It is what it is

  • Avatar

    Do yo thang Wanda. It was a comedy set. Everyone there knew it. Everyone outside commenting on it knew it. Are we supposed to take everything a comedian says in a ‘politically tinged’ comedy set seriously now? That’s some bull…

  • http://cjswagattackTwitter CJ

    It was out of line!

  • reka_baby

    She is a comedian. She is doing what comedians do. People take things so seriously sometimes. its totally ridiculous

  • Menominee Nation

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Wanda! Her cameos on (i think) season 4 of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM is the shit! Go find that KRAZEE EYEZ KILLA episode now and piss yerself!

    …somehow if you are old, republican, white AND have a serious dependency to drugs it will go away with no questions asked. But if you are young, liberal, (well) white and have a serious dependency to drugs (See Amy Winehouse) you are the object of ridicule and condemnation. If you are NON-white and fall into this category, forget it! the american media will turn you into the biggest spectacle they can.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhK4-Cgt7Jg&feature=related ...

    It was funny. People are scary nowadays.

  • Moreaces

    I laughed my butt off, Like one person said,, It is what it is,, Loved it.

  • Romayl

    She didn’t say anything wrong. Wanda Sykes is funny as shit!

  • Dawn

    Ever listen to Rush? He holds nothing back, he goes hard on anyone that has a political agenda different from his. I remember him saying Chelsea Clinton(12 yrs. old at the time)looked like a dog.

    She was funny and on point. Rush is a drug addict who like terrorists want America to fail.

  • barb

    oh yeah, and wanda sykes is funny and very in-your-face, she pulls no punches.
    she reminds me of whoopi in that way.

  • its the Foosa

    I dont think the issue is as much about Rush as it is about her tying him into the 9-11 hijackings. I think 9-11 is a really sensetive topic for many americans, and those that are, are not ready to laugh about anything that happened that day. I bet if she did a 5 minute tirade on Rush that didnt mention 9-11, should woulda been alright.

  • Combatcook 24


  • BlahBlah

    I loved it. Obama can’t laugh because of politics but keep the truth comin’ Wanda. Rush and all of his cronies are treasonous terrorists. It’s about time someone said it (in public)!

    Also, remember just a couple short years ago when the Bush Admin pronounced anyone a terrorist who dared to criticize us going to war on trumped up reasons? Yeah…I do. The entire GOP can kiss my ass.

  • http://www.imeem.com/mrslatiayates missunderstood (f*ck some playoffs, I want my TV back!!!!)

    I don’t think it was too much. I have heard comedians on BET refer to 9/11. This is what comedians are best at, making light of real life situations, making us laugh, when in reality, we should be crying. Comedy helps keep us sane, thus the saying that ‘people that laugh live longer’.
    Rush Limbaugh is a prick who has said IMO much more HURTFUL things that spew hate and division.
    Go Wanda!

  • Black conservative

    Funny that she didn’t bother to roast the president which is what usually happens at the correspondent’s dinner. President thin skinned couldn’t take it so they just made fun of conservatives. That’s like … so original and funny.

  • http://Bossip.com Fellow Commedian

    Wanda, continue to tell the truth. It was hilarious. Somebody had to say it.

  • enkogkneegro

    @Lost Black Conservative

    I wonder if perhaps you’re the black caller that phoned into his show and when confronted with his lack of knowledge upon the subject he distorting….told the caller that had identified herself as being black and told her to go shove a bone in her nose…………..Funny I didn’t hear any conservaives decry that as out of bounds…..more so they said his show is just entertainment and folks shouldn’t get upset he was just being Rush and joking with callers as usual…..so fair exchange isn’t a robbery

  • enkogkneegro

    Face for that post

  • http://www.ferdoza.blogspot.com Re (hmm...the verdict is still out on X-Men)...

    OMG! She said, “I wish his kidney’s fail…” Well damn, lol! Wishing death upon someone…

  • Keisha

    Wanda is funny as hell! I mean when I hear her standup I bust a gut. She said it like it was and that’s that- get over it. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out Rush. When Palin was making all her little jokes about Obama no one opened their mouth but all of a sudden it’s like wow she’s gone too far. Get a sense of humor people

  • http://www.bossip.com shaz

    she was good

  • T-BOO

    Go Wanda…Go Wanda…its your birthday! She did her thang! Its a roast folks…everyone there knew she was gonna go hard. That’s nothing check out LaWanda Paige roast from back in the day. That’s right Esther from Sandford and son went hard and the folks she roasted were present!

  • Lucius Fieldon

    The conservatives are mad about the same thing being done to Rush and others that Rush does on his show everyday.

  • http://yahoo PhatDjSwagger { SomebodyNeedsTheirAssesWhipped2TheWhiteMeat }

    I co-sign 100%
    I remember back in days he talked trash about Chelsea Clinton and everyone else he felt like trashing and he got away with it, but not really because that is why he is having so many drugs problems now.
    Rush is reaping what he sowed.
    Wanda Sikes had every right to say whatever she wanted to say she is a comediane I laughed my azz off he deserved it. Rush is the typical white male that feels as if he has this “white entitlement” were they can go around saying things to people but no one say anything to them.
    They can do whatever they want to do to anyone one but nobody had better not do anything to them Rush needs to get over his self he is not important he is like z-listed

  • http://yahoo PhatDjSwagger {SomebodyNeedsToBustRushAss2TheWhiteMeat}

    Someone answer this one 4 me since when did anyone respect a crack head?
    Rush is an drug addict we don’t have 2have respect 4
    Go Wanda Excellent keep up the good work!

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