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Celebs Who Felt Social Media Was Too Much

Social media ain’t for everybody. In fact people say it causes drama and breaks up relationships. Um no people break up relationships. Let’s take a look at celebrities who quit social media for various reasons.

Iggy Azalea- Hip-Hop’s least favorite rapper recently quit Twitter after backlash about her body image from fans critiquing her bikini pics.

Rihanna- Ri Ri once quit Instagram due to censoring. Ri Ri wanted to show off her semi-naked body but the ‘gram wasn’t having it.


Nicki Minaj- Nicki deleted her twitter previously over frustrations from exchanges online with fans.

Mase- When the Instagram purge came and snatched millions of his followers, Mase said f Instagram as he somehow lost over a million followers.

Chris Brown- Breezy has quit both Twitter and Instagram in the past. We aren’t surprised that his short lived hiatuses came after heated exchanges with others on the web.

Kanye- Ye’ quit Twitter for a day in the past, but I’m not sure we cared. #AttentionSlore

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Miley Cyrus- Miley once took a Twitter hiatus. Fortunately for her crazed fans it didn’t last long. Her boyfriend at the time asked her to quit it.

Chelsea Handler once threw the deuces to Instagram when they wouldn’t let her topless photo remain on her page.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt quit Twitter due to negativity.

Adele- While Adele didn’t really seem to quit she has only tweeted sporadically for years.

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Charlie Sheen- Remember when Sheen broke records for quitting Twitter and returning right back gaining over a million followers back in a day. He did have a funny press run back then.

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Jay Electronica quit Twitter once upon a time and only comes back to rant on a topic of his choice.

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Tina Fey- Thinks the “Twitterati” are the most boring people around and left Twitter.

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Jennifer Aniston said she’s computer illiterate, so consequently she won’t mess with social media.

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Demi Lovato took a Twitter break in the past saying she gets herself into trouble with it.


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