BOSSIP Exclusive: Audio Push Talks ‘The Good Vibe Tribe’ & Putting Family First

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Bossip Talks With Audio Push About ‘The Good Vibe Tribe’ Mixtape And Staying Grounded Through Rising Fame

Recently, rap duo Audio Push wrapped up the SIMPLE Mobile Simply Nothing tour with Wale.

Hailing from Inland Empire 40 minutes shy of Los Angeles, the Cali-bred group shared with BOSSIP their music ideologies and how they intertwine family with work in an exclusive backstage interview during their Atlanta tour stop.

Check out what Price and Oktane had to say about balancing life through rising fame and ‘The Good Vibe Tribe’ mixtape which should be dropping this week!

What has been the most memorable stop so far?

Price: One of the most memorable would be our hometown to me, which is almost cheating. It was one of the biggest venues of the whole tour, I got to crowd surf. It was just poppin’, like the whole city came out! That one was dope.

Oktane: For me performing ‘Quick Fast’ live with a band was probably one of my favorite moments because we’ve never had a band on our set. So sometime’s we’ll come out on Wale’s set; that’s crazy.

What are some new music projects that you’re working on?

Oktane: Good Vibe Tribe. That is the mixtape coming.

Price: Yeah we’re dropping “The Good Vibe Tribe” tape first week of March. “Quick Fast”, which is our single, that’s coming off the album; [It] isn’t going on the tape. The tape is just like to warm people up. We haven’t put out a body of work since 2013 and our fans are like ready for it and so we are gonna drop this body of work and drop the album after or before the summer and just turn up. Man, we’re excited.

How did “Heavy” feat. OG Maco come together?

Oktane: That was literally P getting the beat, him putting his verse on it [and] I went crazy. I think he sent it to OG Maco then I did my verse. We literally caught the ball and it was just knew how to build it.

Price: We knew we were about to go on this tour and we literally wanted to drop a song before the tour to just turn up the streets, turn up the people. And we wanted to do something with OG Maco. We ran into him a couple of times and it was just dope vibes always and we like his raps. So we wanted to get a joint off of him and then the homie Ducko Mcfli who is actually from Atlanta, he sent the joint over. Speaking of “Heavy”, we been shooting a video for that all day. So be on the lookout for that.

We just wanted to get a song out there that’s live but we wanted to tap into people selling out. Selling they souls and not even so much just money and dope. People just be selling they souls and not even so much selling your souls to the devil. You just being someone you’re not is you selling your soul to me. I’ll never sell my soul for money. I’ll never sell my soul for the dough. I’ll never be something I’m not for no money, for anything.

Looks as if these guys are really on the come-up!

Now even though it is Friday, fans have the weekend to hopefully get their hands on the new mixtape.

Find out how Audio Push stays true to never selling their soul when you hit ‘NEXT’!

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