Maraschino Cherry Mogul Kills Himself As Feds Find Out Huge Secret

- By Bossip Staff

Cherry Mogul Commits Suicide As Drug Empire Is Discovered

A Brooklyn business owner suddenly killed himself on Tuesday after cooperating with investigators for regarding claims that his business was dumping hazardous waste. Just as investigators left, 57-year-old Arthur Mondella left the room, asked his sister take care of his children, then shot himself dead in his private bathroom.

As it turns out, the self-made millionaire was actually running a highly successful cannabis distribution ring out of the same factory where he ran his cherry biz — the potent scent of 400,000 pounds of the fruit was hiding the odor of mary jane.

As NY Daily News reports, investigators discoverd a hidden crawl space that led to multiple small rooms that appear to have been used to farm over 1,200 marijuana plants at any given time.

Only about three bags of marijuana, totaling about 100 pounds, were found on the premises — leading investigators to believe that a crop had recently been harvested. In addition, investigators came accross a room containing seeds of 60 different marijuana strains and about $125,000 in cash, as well as 120 expensive grow lamps, all hidden from the main factory, leading investigators to believe that workers had no idea the drug business was being conducted on the premises.

Wow…that Cherry business wasn’t making him enough money? SMH. Sad that he saw death as the only way out.

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