Thug Wife: A Gallery Of Kimmy Cakes’ Attempts At Using “Urban” Slang On Social Media

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Kim Kardashian’s Slang-Filled Instagram Captions

Yeezy taught her. Ever since Kim Kardashian tied the knot with Kanye West, she’s been getting strangely more “gangsta” with her Instagram captions and tweets. Over the past 6 months or so she’s really begun to sound more and more like your friendly neighborhood studio rat. Seems like the more time she spends in Yeezus-land the more the culture rubs off on her…even though it doesn’t appear that she’s familiar with many rap lyrics — not even her husband’s.

Hit the flip to peep some of Kimmy Cakes’ baby swings at thuggery…


Squad so sick.

Too turnt.

Errrrthang, though.

Bae, eh?

Boo, too.

Wayyy the f*ck back, huh?

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    Somebody’s not shy about that sew-in braid pattern anymore…

    Kimmy loves her fine-azz Yeezy.

    That’s what we’re saying at this point too…

    She doesn’t look too turnt-up to us here…

    Wise words of 2 Chainz.

    Is Kimmy now studying the art of the finger wave and neck roll as well?

    She’s pretty attached to bae.

    She vibin’

    Kind of where this all seemed to begin…

    Does it really matter what she says? This is all we’re here to see anyway…

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