Dome Check: Florida Teen Goes To Hospital Over Headache, Finds Bullet In His Skull

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Florida Teen Complaining Of Headache Finds Bullet In Skull At Hospital

Wait, what???

Via PalmBeachPost

A man in Volusia County went to the hospital because he had a headache, but doctors found a bullet lodged in his head.

Police are now looking for a gunman.

Doctors are still treating the man at Florida Hospital Oceanside.

Police said the victim is believed to be in his late teens.

They said he walked into the emergency room complaining about a bad headache, and when doctors took a closer look, they found a bullet lodged in his head.

“There was a young fellow in there, about 18-years-old. I thought he was in there for something minor and then the police showed up,” said witness Wayne Saddler. “I hear he has a bullet in his head. He had a headache and now he has a bullet in his head.”

Daytona Beach police and a detective from Bethune-Cookman University are investigating.

How the hell don’t you feel a bullet enter your skull???

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