Repentance: 14 Other People Kanye West Needs To Apologize To ASAP

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15 People Kanye West Needs To Apologize To

As Yeezy season approaches, it appears that Kanye West is out to make amends for his past transgressions. He’s taken on a kinder and gentler demeanor in interviews, posed for photos with fans, and even smiles (every now and then). Despite his new outlook on life, he just couldn’t help himself after this years Grammy’s when he ripped into Beck, the Grammy voting academy, and even E!.

Last night Kanye took to Twitter to apologize to Beck (NOT the Grammys) and also Bruno Mars who he readily admits he has “hated on” in the past.

As we sat and thought about it, there are several other people who Kanye should probably apologize to since he handing out mea culpas.

Flip the page to see the list of other folks to whom Kanye West owes an apology.

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Maybe Sway doesn’t have the answers, but he didn’t deserve Kanye’s wrath.


Ye says he’s defending “artistry”, but a lot of times it comes off like he’s just defending Beyonce. Admirable as that may be, it’s gotta be a lil embarrassing for Bey.


Kanye’s partner-in-rhyme is credited for writing a majority of the God-fearing hit “Jesus Walks”, but rarely gets any kind of public acknowledgement for changing Ye’s life.

Amber Rose

On Kanye’s recent interview with The Breakfast Club, he quipped that “There would be no Amber Rose without me”, in addition to “I had to take 30 showers” when discussing Kim Kardashians disdain for Muva Rosebud. Not really cool, Yeezy.

Anna Wintour

We have no doubt that Kanye blew Anna Wintour’s phone begging, pleading, and possibly bullying her into putting Kimmy Cakes on the cover of Vogue.

Alexis Pfifer

Prior to the leather jogging pants and drunken appearances on the red carpet, Kanye dated a beautiful young woman named Alexis. They engaged in 2006, but Kanye split with her in 2008 after the death of his mother.

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    Brooke Crittendon

    Brooke was Kanye’s girlfriend prior to Alexis. He broke her heart after admitting that he was dealing with other women.

    Jay Z

    We’re sure that Jay has been embarrassed plenty of times by his “little brother”.

    Taylor Swift

    He, a grown man, bullied a young girl. One apology will never be enough.

    Dame Dash

    When Roc-A-Fella Records disbanded Jay Z was “awarded” Kanye in the “divorce”. Problem is, Dame was the one who granted Kanye the opportunity to become an artist. Kanye admitted that leaving Dame was disloyal during his Breakfast Club interview.

    Mike Myers

    Kanye put Mike Myers in the most uncomfortable situation possible when he exclaimed that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” post hurricane Katrina. He doesn’t owe anyone an apology for saying it, but it wouldn’t hurt to say “My bad, Mike, I should have let you know I was gonna drop a bomb ahead of time.”

    All his fans

    Many of Kanye’s loyalist have been very disappointed in his music since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. They want the ol’ Ye back and it appears sometimes that Kanye could care less.

    Tyga and Kylie

    Days after Tyga had done some rumor control on The Breakfast Club, Kanye came to Power 105 and spilled all the statutory beans that Mr. “Rack City” and the youngest Jenner girl were “in love”.

    Jimmy Kimmel

    Kanye was not very pleased with late night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel after catching wind of a spoof that mocked his erratic interview with BBC’s Zane Lowe. The above photo was just one of many insults he hurled Jimmy’s way.

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