What Are You Looking At? 13 More Pics That Will Make You Question Colors

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13 More Pics That Will Make You Question Colors

Everyone is talking about the color of that mystical dress and how it made our brains explode. But that isn’t the only optical illusion that will drive you crazy. These images are going to have you arguing just like that dress did.

What colors do you see? Click through to find out.

The swirls are actually the same color. They’re actually both green.

True story!

Did you know the squares are all the same color? Click through to see how.

Just put your finger right there in the middle of the two blocks. See how they’re the same?

These dogs are the same color.

If you pay enough attention to this woman, you’ll see her spin the opposite direction.

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    Guess what. All of these horizontal lines are straight.

    These dots appear to be changing color, but they’re not.

    The border that appears yellow is actually white. Fight amongst yourselves.

    This picture appears to be moving. It’s not.

    If you stare at the middle, the rotating dots appear green.

    Then, of course, this. *jumps out the window*

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