The Official #CIAA Survival Guide

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Essential Guide To Surviving CIAA Weekend

It’s that wonderful time of year where thousands of young professionals, p-popping Aunties and colorful hoodrats flock to the ultimate turn up festival/basketball tournament in Charlotte, NC aka “CIAA” and we’ve compiled an essential guide to enhance your experience (or save your life) like only we can.

Hit the jump for our official CIAA survival guide.

Turn up responsibly.

Best late night eatery in Charlotte? Midnight Diner.

Don’t feed the hoodrats.

Best post-club liquor soaking-food? Cook Out.

The party everyone’s buzzing about? This.

DJ Buttafingaz and DJ Skillz are the two best DJs in Charlotte. Not sure where to turn up? Look for their names on flyers.

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    If you’re looking for an unforgettable music experience, Bilal and Eric Roberson will be performing Friday and Saturday night at Amos Southend.

    Cameo is always TURNT. If all other plans fail, head to Cameo.

    Can’t lose with this Day Party.

    You’ll see cops (and top-flight security of Charlotte) everywhere looking for the pettiest reason to write you a ticket/lock you up.

    Men’s CIAA Championship Game is scheduled for 7 pm at Time Warner Cable Arena. It’s always LIT.

    Charlotte is notorious for petty drunk-driving checkpoints in the most random areas. Please don’t drink and drive.

    Carry a portable phone charger at all times. You’ll likely be walking several blocks to avoid paying outlandish parking prices.

    Kat Williams is SCHEDULED to perform at Bojangles Coliseum. Whether he’ll actually show up, we’re not completely sure but at least you know.

    Delicious Brunch with beautiful people and a dope vibe? Check this out.

    Looking for something a little more low-key, check out Pike’s—one of Charlotte’s best Brunch spots.

    Perfect turn up soundtrack when you’re stuck in CIAA traffic.


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