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Black Madam Names Celebrity Butt Injection Clients

The Black Madam, a tansgender woman once known as the self-proclaimed “Michelangelo of buttocks injections,” is currently standing trial in the 2011 death of a British dancer who received illegal silicone butt shots.

Even though it’s uncommon for murder defendants to take the stand in their own defense, The Black Madam, real name Padge-Victoria Windslowe, did just that on the second day of trial — even bragging on the string of celebrities she performed illegal and potentially life-threatening butt injections on.

According to, Windslowe said that she performed the procedure for Amber Rose back in her Kanye days, which instantly opened doors for her business to more celebrity clientele.

When District Attorney Carlos Vega asked Winslowe why exactly someone dating a multimillionaire recording artist, with arguable access to the finest plastic surgeons in the country, would instead go to a woman who performs illegal procedures in Philadelphia hotel rooms, Winslowe only responded, “I’m the best.”

Describing Amber’s new assets as a “a walking billboard” for her services, she claimed that Amber told her friends all about it, leading a stream of celebrities and celeb girlfriends to her doorstep for back alley butt shots.

Winslowe claims a woman she described as “Chris Brown’s girlfriend” received injections — though she did not specify exactly who she was referring to by name.

She also claimed that Nicki Minaj had an appointment set to receive injections, but for some reason never made it to get the procedure.

The information Winslowe gave was sketchy at best, with no real specification on the timeline of the celeb procedures or the location where they were allegedly performed.

True or not, she certainly seems proud of her “work,” huh? She better be careful…all that bragging might just get her a first-class ticket to prison.


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