Jessica Alba’s K-Fraud is Black

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

He seems to be trying to keep it on the low and “pass” but Jessica Alba’s K-Fraud, Cash Warren, is Black. His father was basketball player and actor Michael Warren.

He must have read K-Fraud’s ‘How to Get Your Stacks Up 101’, knock her up and get engaged quick. This is the sure path to big stacks in Hollyweird if you are a a back up dancer or film assistant.

Here is a picture of his pops back in 1984. Thanks Dee

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  • tthom85


  • http://Lycos Monotheistic Proof:

    Jessica is fine, lucky man!!

  • Micaroni715

    Reminds me of Sylvia Rhone’s relative.

  • me

    her mexican parents are pissed!!hahaha


    I knew it….it was just something about him that made me think he had some black in him! lol funny!

  • imrightdammit

    I think he’s cute. What’s the prob?

  • ali-oop

    His mother is white – Michael warren’s first wife.


    That would make sense.Before she hooked up with him…I’d see her in Vegas or SoCal with some NBA ballers.Once saw her out with Baron Davis.Can’t fault girlie for likin’ brothas.

  • Jaycee

    Why exactly is he a K-Fraud?

    Michael Warren parlayed his notoriety as a UCLA basketball player into a good TV career. Surely Cash can use his father’s contacts and his own good looks without needing to purposely get Jessica pregnant. Perez Hilton reported months ago that Jessica got pregnant so that Cash would marry her. Clearly online gossip blogs aren’t reliable.

    BTW, his father is his father and will always be his father. Check your grammar.

  • Tickle Me Swellmo

    Wow. Yeah, I already knew her baby’s daddy was black. I mean, Jessica always plays a black chick in urban films anyway. It’ll be another tiger woods. Quater of this Quater of that…you know the deal. Poor kid will be so confused, cause we know it won’t be “black.”

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    She’s not white, so is this still news?

  • Tickle Me Swellmo

    PS. Jessica would be pretty if she’s wasn’t frowing and evil all of the time.

  • lovely and amazing

    This is old news.

    Cash Warren is black and so is Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. I always thought Jessica Alba looked African-American.

    They make a lovely couple and will have a lovely brown child.

  • gap & gucci

    i suppose a k-fraud pertains to any man that knocks up a woman more famous and paid than he

    cash is like a production assistant

    jessica is a movie star

  • Gil

    This is old news. His father was on Soul Food the series and was interviewed about his son dating Jessica. His dad played Lem’s crooked boss near the end Baron. And these 2 have been together for over 4 years. Please don’t start slipping like mediatakeout. Next thing you know you’ll be posting pics of Tom Cruise’s black son

  • h

    I would hardly compare Cash Warren to Kevin Federline. He did graduate from Yale University and is listed as an Assistant Director. Just because he is not famous or as rich as she is, doesn’t make him a K-Fraud.

  • Shana

    Being that this is my family you are talking about I thought I’d comment..Cash has never tried to “pass”. He has always considered himself black and has always corrected anyone who referred to him as anything else. Jessica knows the family very well and both families have spent time together and have become close. Very few people make the money that Hollywood actors make, so I guess if you are “normal” working person and you date a celebrity you are a gold digger or “K-fraud”. Cash comes from a close knit family,works hard and is well educated. He makes his own money, owns a small business as well as several pieces of property but most of all he does a ton of volunteer work and is a great guy. I love your site and enjoy your posts, but be fair and get the facts straight….

  • Kevin

    So, we have Jessica Alba who is White and Mexican. And Cash Warren is Balck and White.

    The kid, Black, White & Mexican.

    What will the kid claim on an application?

    White (Non Hispanic)

    Black (Non Hispanic)

    Hispanic (Non Black)

    Hispanic (Non White)

    Or claim to be “Other” than everything else?

  • GA Gal

    From most accounts Jessica was the one who wanted the marriage and family, he did not.

    They broke-up only to get back together and within a few months she was pregnant.

    If he was a real K-Fraud he would’ve married her when SHE insisted.

    But I do agree there’s something shady about an Ivy League graduate slumming his way around Hollywood.

    I know about his supposed “Assistant to the Assistant Director” billing, but the truth of the matter is this guy has not worked on one project since he started to date Jessica.

  • lovely and amazing

    Great post Shana!

  • tamika

    That would make sense.Before she hooked up with him…I’d see her in Vegas or SoCal with some NBA ballers.Once saw her out with Baron Davis.Can’t fault girlie for likin’ brothas.

    Baron Davis and Cash Warren are best friends. They both played on the same high school basketball team at the same private school that had also actress Kate Hudson. She’s also one of their classmates. Baron Davis use to chill at Cash’s house so he could attend school and play basketball at the same school. He lived with Cash and his parents.

  • Lonnie

    Don’t put Cash in the same room with Derek Jeter. Cash’s the one that spilled the beans that Jeter gave his girl Jessica herpes. Jeter tried to get back with Jessica after she dumped him for Cash. She was the one who told Cash about Jeter giving her the std. Jeter is a sneaky half brotha. That’s the reason the ladies in Hollywood stop fooling with his ass. Brotha got busted by both Jessica’s not telling he was carrying the std.

  • rebecca

    no wonder! i knew he was too cute to just be white…i didn’t mean to sound racist.

  • California Pixie

    I kept trying to figure out what he is…I was thinking Hispanic then I would see a picture and see hints of Black…well now I know. He’s very handsome with a great smile. They do make a cute couple.

    Wentworth I knew about.

  • Ghost

    there’s something shady about an Ivy League graduate slumming his way around Hollywood.


    Remember that degree can only get you so far when a potential employor sees that you’re black first and then college educated later.

    Also a lot of kids from famous folks don’t bother to ride their parents coat tails unlike Tory Spelling.

    Tom Hanks’s kid was on Roswell and rarely mentions his Dad. Which is probably why he doesn’t act that much.

    One of Carol Burnett’s daughter was on Fame

    Willie Tyler’s son is Cory Tyler (Terrance of A Different World)

    Cree Summer and Rainbow Franks are more famous than their mother.

    Antonio Vargas’s son plays for The Raiders

    Sam Jones III is better known as Pete on Smallville than son of Boston Celtic great Sam Jones.

    Jason Weaver and Kenny Blank (Parent Hood) are way more famous than their singing mommas.

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