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BOSSIP Exclusive: Jason Geter and Maxwell Osborne Discuss Style, Celebrity Endorsements and Leadership

Last weekend Atlanta’s Summerour Studio hosted the Tanqueray Trunk Show—a nationwide campaign which allows patrons to engage with today’s most influential brand architects. Maxwell Osborne (Public School), Jason Geter (Grand Hustle Records/Strivers Row), DJ M.O.S. and Coltrane Curtis were in the building sharing tips with Atlanta media and influencers on how to start a business and pitch concepts. Guests had the opportunity to network with peers and shop popular brands as they create their own spin on the classic Tanqueray and tonic cocktail. Ryan Leslie closed out the night by singing his hits and some new music for the crowd.

BOSSIP caught up Jason Geter and Maxwell Osbourne during the event to get their views on urban fashion, celebrity endorsements and the potential of fashion influence through black designers.

Are there any celebrities who you think embody what you’re doing as a brand? 

Jason Geter [Strivers Row]: John Mayer, when I look at his style, I like that. I think he gets it. If there ever was a celebrity endorsement, that’s the first person that would come to mind. John Mayer I think it’s natural for him. Some people, they may look a certain kind of way one day. Every time I see that dude when he’s in a casual setting, it looks natural.

Maxwell Osborne [Public School]: No we don’t need anybody. For us it’s about a mindset and the idea of convergence. It’s not about one person because we don’t want one person as a go to. You can have one jacket, but you could wear it with something else. You don’t have to live a certain life. It’s a mentality thing more than a person or a girl or a certain guy. It’s the idea of convergence. For someone who gets it. They can go from the art shows to the basketball game, the hockey game, and the library. There’s an open- mindedness to it rather than something so specific as to one person.

Have you purposely stayed away from celebrity endorsements for the brand?

Jason Geter: I have. For me it was a decision I made because I come from music. A lot of people I know, that have access to me. It was kind of like don’t come around if you don’t have enough for everybody.  They’re my friends, you know? I’m independent. It’s not like I have some kind of major partner or funder. It’s me. My product is real money. Its not a t-shirt which Is like a 5$ item. My items, it’s like, walking around giving a hundred dollars here, a hundred dollars there…I’d go out of business! Of course I definitely appreciate and respect what celebrities can bring to your brand cuz clearly I have a brand that’s celebrity driven, but for me and my business, I really can’t play that game. But I respect it for what it is.

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