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Doctor Admits Affair With Butt Injection Transgender Black Madam

A Philadelphia-area doctor admitted to having an affair with “Black Madam,” the woman who was arrested for murder in 2011 after a woman she gave butt injections to died.

Via The Grio reports:

Gastroenterologist Dr. James Taterka, 55, admitted to a Philadelphia Common Pleas courtroom that he had an affair with Padge Victoria Windslowe, also known as “Black Madam,” reports the Philadelphia Daily News.

Taterka was brought into the investigation when it was discovered that Windslowe claimed to be purchasing the silicone from his medical practice, though Taterka denies any involvement in the silicone purchase.

Windslowe used industrial-grade silicone and Krazy Glue during a procedure on Claudia Aderotimi, 20, shortly before Aderotimi’s death on Feb. 8, 2011.

Taterka said that he had an affair with Winslowe in 1993 that lasted three months before he cut it off because he felt guilty. But Windslowe continued to contact him, asking him for money, sex, and even asking him to co-sign on a car.

Taterka continued to respond to Windslowe because he “didn’t want this whole thing to get out of hand. I didn’t want her to do something crazy like she did when I first broke off the affair.”

That first time, Taterka said, “besides calling my house and my wife repeatedly, she mailed a package to my house.” The package included a naked picture of Taterka taken by Windslowe, which his wife saw.

Shortly after Aderotimi’s death, Windslowe contacted Taterka again to ask for $5,000. “Enough is enough,” he decided, and he told her, “Please leave me alone.”

However, Windslowe claimed to have embarrassing video of Taterka, which she threatened to post online, so Taterka gave her the money. When Windslowe contacted him again, this time to ask for $17,000, he ignored her. So, she posted his picture on BuzzFeed along with the words “Bad Doctor.”

Taterka says he has been working hard to rebuild his reputation since the affair with the transgender butt madam.



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