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Why Mo’Nique Says Lee Daniels Blackballed Her Himself

Mo’Nique is still contributing to the back & forth over her would-be serious acting career, which she claimed was snatched from under her because she didn’t “play the game.” Now, Mo’Nique says the source of the blackballing was Lee Daniels himself, after she failed to pay respects to the people who gave her a shot at her Oscar-winning role.

“People were saying, ‘Someone needs to teach Mo’Nique a lesson because she’s not playing the game, and she’s gonna get in her own way of winning this award, because it seems like she’s choosing her family over Hollywood. I don’t think Hollywood has turned his nose up to me. I think that those are feelings that Mr. Daniels is having.”

“And then he said, ‘You know, there were things that Mo’Nique — she didn’t thank the producers and she didn’t thank the studio, and that’s just not things that you do.’ Well, it had nothing to do with the producers, nor the studio. Mr. Daniels had a problem that I didn’t say his name the night of the Oscar awards.”

She says that ultimately, she appreciated that Lee Daniels specified that Hollywood is a game — but asserted that she would continue to play it on her own terms.

“I appreciate that comment because he’s absolutely right — it is show business. A game does have to be played. But why can’t we play the fair game? Why can’t we play the right game? If you’re asking, am I willing to put my integrity on the line for Hollywood? No.”

Is saying “thank you” to someone who gave you an opportunity really putting your integrity on the line though???




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