‘You Decided To Sleep With A Woman In Our Home!’ Keyshia Cole Slams ‘Dirty Doggin’ Boobie Gibson

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Keyshia Cole Slams Boobie Gibson For Cheating

Remember when we told you that Boobie Gibson went OFF on Keyshia Cole after she accused him of missing his son’s birthday party to party with strippers???

Well after Boobie brought up Keyshia fighting a woman over Birdman and insisted that he was a good parent who taught their son his ABCs, Keyshia clapped BACK with memes…

and a lengthy caption (that she’s since deleted.)

“Gib This is not the #FirstTime you’ve missed his BDay! So stop the Bulls***. And CLEARLY I could’ve been involved in another altercation at your house when u decided to sleep with a woman in our home! In our Bed! Where my baby sleeps! So stop with that bulls***! #ForRating?? Gib what u fail to realize is before u, I was already established as artist. I don’t need to beef with u for that. I’m just tired of u trying to make people think u want this to work with your family. #CauseClearlyYouDont!

“And are you saying the both of us didn’t teach my Baby his ABCs. Btw mommy went to the activity store to buy all the books for ANYTHING to be taught! So #PLEASECHILL”

Well dayum!

Hit the flip to see another meme from Keyshia on her estranged husband.


SMH…is it time for Keyshia and Boobie to delete their social media accounts?????Instagram

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