Blackballed: Mo’Nique Says She’s Not Scared Of Lee Daniels And His Powerful Hollyweird Friends

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Mo’Nique Says She’s Not Scared Of Lee Daniels After Blackballed Drama

Mo’Nique has been in the headlines for weeks following an interview where she claims she had been blackballed in Hollyweird. The comedian’s former director, Lee Daniels later came out to say that Mo’Nique was to blame for her bad reputation in the entertainment industry but Mo says he’s to fault for her blackballed status.

The star recently came out to blast Lee and others for trying to stop her shine….

Via TMZ reports:

Mo’Nique just did something remarkable … fearlessly speaking out about her feud with Lee Daniels — one of the most powerful directors in Hollywood — for claiming she’s been blackballed.

The 2010 Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress came on TMZ Live to reveal what went down when her “Precious” director Daniels — who’s also co-creator of “Empire” — called her to say Hollywood execs think she’s “difficult” … and don’t want to work with her.

Actors almost never take on a director in public, but this interview is different — Mo’Nique did not back down to Daniels. As for what started the beef — Mo’Nique thinks it’s all because she didn’t name drop someone during her Oscar speech. Check out the clip.

Do you think Mo’Nique is helping or hurting her career by blabbing her mouth about this blackballed drama??

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