Fair Or Foul? Salvation Army Uses “The Dress” To Address Domestic Violence Against Women

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“The Dress” Appears In Salvation Army’s Domestic Violence Campaign

Via NYDailyNews

The dress that fractured the Internet is now being used to heal.

The Salvation Army is using the now-infamous, arguably colored apparel to send an undisputable message about domestic violence.

“Why is it so hard to see black and blue?” the international movement’s South African arm tweeted Friday, along with a striking photo of a battered woman, wearing the now-distinct gold-and-white dress.

The beaten blonde is covered in black-and-blue welts, representing one out of six victims of abuse, according to the Salvation Army’s campaign to end the mistreatment.

“The only illusion is if you think it was her choice,” the message reads.

The ad has gone viral since it was posted Friday morning.

“We have been absolutely bowled over by the interest in this advert and the way in which it went viral,” said Carin Holmes, a Salvation Army spokeswoman.

“We are enormously encouraged that so many people on social media appear to be passionate about fighting the abuse of women.”

Something about this just doesn’t feel right. Domestic violence is a serious topic, and “the dress” is the most pointless, frivolous, idiotic Twitter debate of all time. *shrugs*

How do you feel about it? Is the Salvation Army just using the social media trend to raise awareness? Hit the comment section and toss ya 2 pennies.

Image via Salvation Army

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