You’ll Never Guess What Doctors Had To Remove From This Chinese Toddler’s Brain…

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Chinese Doctors Remove Chopstick From Toddler’s Brain

This kid might not be responsible enough to feed himself yet. Via NYDN:

A Chinese boy who got a chopstick lodged inside his head for more than a week is recovering after doctors removed a 2 ½ inch portion of the eating utensil from the toddler’s infected brain.

The nearly 2-year-old boy from Chaoyang City in Northeast China’s Liaoning province inadvertently stuffed a chopstick up his nostril when he fell on the implement while eating a meal in late January, CCTV America reported.

Hanghang had been eating chow mein with his parents when the accident happened, and his mom and dad removed the visible portion of the chopstick from their child’s nose before taking him to a local hospital for an examination, according to the Daily Mirror.

Doctors didn’t give the boy an X-ray and released him, only to have his parents bring the toddler back 10 days later complaining that their child felt drowsy and mentally fatigued, CCTV reported.

“Half of the chopstick was totally stuck in his head from his nose,” Li Shaoyi, an attending doctor at Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University, told the state news organization. “They only took out half of the chopstick and the other half was still stuck in it.”

Medical officials completed the procedure on Tuesday and reported that the boy had made significant improvements but needed to stay in the hospital longer to treat his brain infection, CCTV reported.

The chopstick hit a non-functional section of the brain, doctors told the TV channel.

You can’t take your eyes off these little kids for two seconds, can you? SMH.

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