Coupled Up

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Modelizer John Legend and his girlfriend Christine Teigen were spotted in Utah at Sundance.

John better be lucky his ass was in Utah, otherwise that watch would have gotten got for real.

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  • gap & gucci

    this is so cute

  • Kellz


  • Kellz

    Sorry. For really.

  • Lady

    I wonder if his watch fell off??? Or did her break??? Im obviously over analysing this pic… Nevertheless, cute couple..

    Please dont start with the GAY insults… Respect the man…

  • Lady


    Or did her “leg” break..

    sigh, i really need to start proof reading…



  • I'm just me

    Where is the story here? We know they are together…he should have just picked better shoes to rough it in the slush and snow…

  • Tania

    aw thats a really sweet picture

  • Mayor Of Uptown 504 17th

    who decided to put this meaningless story up today. No point at all

  • follow the leader

    I believe this when she is knocked up and there’s a paternity test!!

  • Stringer Bell

    I’m sorry for this..but am I wrong for wanting to see him fall in the snow??

    But anyways…his GF looks good…she needs to button up though.. who she think she is??

    Shout out to anyone who ever fell in some snow while trying to cross the street.

  • Grace

    I am a huge JL fan. I bought his live CD the 1st day it came out last Tuesday. I just have to say this. I love the fact that JL graduated from an Ivy League university at age 20 with a degree in English. I really admire that while most of his friends are popping off expensive bottles of champaign & making it rain in strip clubs, JL started the Show Me campaign. I really like the fact that he has made numerous trips to Africa to bring awareness to the level of poverty over there. I can’t help but wonder at the end of the day, what kind of conversation do you have with a 22yr old model that auditioned for your video. I don’t believe this relationship. I hate to believe she is a paid beard.

  • tiray

    hahhahahah…i’m sorry. Is it me, or is she not that good-lookin!

    Come out to LA bro. I’ll set you up!


  • Nikki

    @ Stringer Bell

    I fell the other day…one of those try to save yourself but it doesnt happen. LOL!!!

  • Nikki

    Does anyone live in Cleveland? It is snowing hard as f*ck…why must we work? We sould have a snow day!!!

  • Nikki

    Is JL wearing Wallabies? Do ppl still wear those? Did I spell Wallaby correctly?

  • Nikki

    Im hungry. I think I will have chilli for lunch. Does that sound good to anyone?

  • Harlem Chic

    I mean chic does look she takes her teeth out in the morning to eat oatmeal for breakfast. She may be a model..but I have to agree with tiray that said chick ain’t all that. Something in her grill piece ain’t right.

  • Black to tha Bone

    She aiight but if he had a white girl he would be laying his coat down for her to walk over the gutter filth. “Exotic” aint no longterm option for us real ballers.

  •'re right

    John legend must be about to drop an album or something, cuz i am seeing more and more of him than i care to see and i keep asking myself why is he news worthy John Legend life is sooo boring. if it ain’t his music i don’t want to read it.

  • Grace

    @YUP……Why is JL life boring? Cause he is not getting arrested, shot at or have beef with another artist. JL is pure class. Get use to hearing about him cause he will be around a lot longer than Lil Wayne and the rest of the fools on probation. Read my earlier post (8 above yours) & you will learn a little about JL.

    People need to stop hating on his girl (or beard). She is beautiful. I betcha the girls with the negative post don’t look half as good. I was surprise to see some gay ass post from men saying “She ain’t all that”. I wonder what their women look like.

  •'re right

    lol@grace on beard comment

    “whyis JL life boring cuase he is not getting arrested?”

    yes,exactly. is it news that he was spotted walking into sundance? come on now do you feel any more “informed” by this piece of news?

    and I am sorry John Legend is a great musician and singer but a I or anyone interested in him anyfurther…um no. and that is clear by how many decided to leave a comment here.

  • EZ Rawlins

    This chick does nothing for me (not that she should). And for some reason, I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for his first CD and glad I have no interest in any follow-ups…

  • Mstrendydiva

    They are too cute and she is actually about the same damn complexion so why is this titled “the swirl.”

  • Grace

    Lets face it, most of the stuff posted are just pics of celebs doing nothing. I could care less about Puffy’s mama’s blond wig, Jay & Bey at a party, Bey and Kanye playing connect 4. I am just glad they are not in handcuffs.

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