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12 Ways You Can Tell Rihanna Has The Best Pum Pum Ever Invented

Rihanna has that comeback. That gotcha gotcha. That thing that makes you unable to have just one taste. She’s the modern day Cleopatra who’s mesmerized men across the globe. They’ve fought, risked it all and tried to put their careers on the line. All for Rihanna. How does she do it? We think we know the answers.

Drake made the first song on his debut album about her gushy goodness. That’s unreal.

Then, she sort of dated Rake and it made his life complete but she couldn’t care less. Just look at this picture. Goodness. He was blinded by the glory of the poom.

Chris Brown treated Karrueche like a homeless puppy just off the slim chance he could be with Rihanna again. Like, if Rihanna called him up immediately, he would leave Karrueche mid-sentence and be at her door like when Laura calls Urkel.

Even Blue Ivy knows that Rihanna got that fire that even makes Blue’s momma worry…and why does Blue Ivy’s momma worry?

You see that twinkle in Jay’s eye when he looks at Rihanna? Their relationship has been the source of rumors for years. That’s because the rest of the world knows what Jay is turning down.

Chris Brown and Drake even fought over Rihanna’s goodies. And she was dating neither of them. That’s power.

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And the gravity to Rihanna’s goods pulled Tony Parker into the fray, getting his eye damaged in the Chris Brown and Drake fight. And he had nothing to do with it.

Leonardo DiCaprio used to take 20 models home with him on a given night. But he gave up that life for one crack at Rihanna.

Carmelo thinking about risking it all.

You ever see a gay man turn straight before your eyes? That’s what’s happening in this picture.

Another guy thinking about risking it all.

And now we have a boy becoming a man.



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