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Tony Robinson’s Uncle Speaks On His Nephew’s Death

Turin Carter, the uncle of Tony Robinson who was fatally shot in Wisconsin, is clarifying his recent statement on his family member.

As previously reported Turin said the following during a news conference:

“We don’t want to just stop at black lives matter. … Tyrell is a mixture of everything. You can’t look at him and say he’s black,” Carter said.

and angered several people who thought he was dismissing the “black lives matter” narrative because of his 19-year-old nephew’s biracial heritage.


Now according to Turin who personally contacted BOSSIP with a statement, that’s simply untrue and his point was not received correctly.

I can tell the point I was trying to get across has not been received correctly in some instances…what I meant by my comments was that we cannot pretend anymore that when a black man is killed it is just an issue that affects black people.

America needs to accept, and we as black people need to accept, the fact that when a black baby boy is murdered, black Americans are not the only demographic who are adversely affected.
Tony comes from a family of many races; my mother is white, my sister (Tony’s mother) is white, I have a black sister and I’m black with a black little brother. So, when something like this happens it is clear that many different races are affected.

He also added:

And not only that, the massive support by races and creeds other than our black Americans highlights the fact that everyone has been affected by this.
Keep in mind the end game is not to debate Tony’s blackness, it is to get JUSTICE. We as black Americans saw no justice as it pertains to Trayvon Martin and Eric Gardner and Mike Brown and I think that is because we did not broaden the scope and make it clear that this is an issue that affects everybody even though it is our black babies that are dying and being murdered. An Asian or Indian or Russian should look at this issue and think “this also affects me” and that’s how we effect change.

My nephew is dead. He ain’t coming back and I am attempting to accept that as reality. I ask that you please respect that by obtaining ALL information before you say potentially harmful comments.

We know so much more than what is available to the public so just trust me that it is better to wait for all the facts to arise.

Turin also wanted to make this very clear;

I would also like it to be clear that my nephew Tony TERRELL (not tyrell) Robinson Jr is A BLACK MAN! And he and all of his family identifies him as such.

Hmmmm…what do you make of this most recent statement BOSSIP fam???



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