OUCH: Man Breaks His Peen During Intercourse…Says He Actually Heard It Snap In Half

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Man Breaks Penis During Intercourse, Rushed To Emergency Room

All we can really say is…yikes. Via MailOnline:

A man was left in agony after fracturing his penis during sex.

The 42-year-old had to undergo emergency surgery after snapping a fibrous membrane inside the organ. His erect phallus had inadvertently collided with his partner’s perineum, the area in front of the anus.

The man heard a snap, felt his penis become immediately flaccid, and noticed a rush of blood from the tip.

He was rushed to the A&E department of a Boston hospital as he was suffering severe pain, according to a case report in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The snap had led to a tear in the corpus cavernosa’s sheath, which meant blood leaked out, creating swelling.

It was forced out of his body through the urethra, the tube by which a man passes urine, which is why he saw blood coming out of the end of his penis.

When he arrived at hospital, he was taken straight to the operating room for emergency repair.

Fortunately, the man, who was seen three and six months after surgery, regained his ability to obtain an erection – without any noticeable curvature or plaque forming in his penis.

Well at least it still works! Judging by how severe these breaks can get, this guy ought to consider himself lucky.

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