Keyshia Cole Says She & Boobie Will NEVER Get Back Together But Did He Get The Memo???

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Keyshia Cole Says Her Marriage To Boobie Gibson Is Over

Keyshia Cole is continuing to speak publicly about her separation from her husband Boobie Gibson.

This time the songstress is confirming that after allegations that he skipped their son’s birthday to party with strippers, had sex with another woman in their home and hit on another woman while she was nearby, that their matrimony-dom is donezo.

Keyshia recently chatted with TMZ Live about their ruined reconciliation. According to Keyshia although they agreed to be “friends” while working out their marital issues, Boobie shouldn’t have been trying to date other people.

“Be clear that the friendship stage is within the marriage. I wouldn’t get back with you just to be a ‘friend.’ We’re married. Clearly. Every time we go through things that’s an issue: ‘You’re still a married woman.’ ‘You’re still a married man.’ [… ]

We’re always supposed to be friends. Let me ask you guys this though: Do you really believe that you should still be able to talk to other people if you’re starting over in a marriage? Do you think that’s healthy??”

And when asked if there was a chance that they could reconcile another she responded;

“No, we’re not going to work it out. […]

We should realize that the relationship is not going to work and it’s just not for us. We can move on from there. We have to get over this hump of not being together first. I think there will still be feelings and tension, but ultimately, the goal is to just focus on DJ and move on.”


It looks like Keyshia’s clearly ready to move on but is her estranged hubby????

Hit the flip to see what he thinks about all this breakup drama…

Boobie apparently isn’t ready to give up just yet because recently made a collage of Keyshia on Instagram.



What do YOU think about this latest bit of Keyshia Cole/Boobie Gibson marriage drama???

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