Naomi Campbell’s Ex-Man Breaks Down the Truth About Beatings

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Naomi knows she needs some serious anger management classes. This chick is not to be messed with. She beats down maids, personal assistants, boyfriends. Pop the lid for more

Naomi Campbell is well known for her feisty temper – and ex-boyfriend Matteo Marzotto dumped her because he’d had enough of it!

The supermodel was with Italian hunk Matteo for about eight months before they split at the beginning of 2004.

And it appears that Naomi’s well-publicised outbursts of rage – which can sometimes turn violent – were to blame.

“You’ve got to be able to take her hits. She lashes out hard and often. She dealt me some terrible punches,” the presenter of Italian TV show ‘La 7’ said.

The Italian is not someone to be messed with – Marzotto was the head of fashion range ‘Valentino’ but Campbell didn’t seem to care.

She really is a diva!

Marzotto (41) added: “Once she came into a Valentino boutique and wanted to take a fur coat without paying for it.”

He told her that she could wear the fur for a bit and then bring it back. “She was so angry she started to fight with me in the middle of the shop. She hit me really hard.”

The model is famous for having a short fuse – she has even been arrested for lashing out.

In 2008, Naomi attacked a policeman in Heathrow airport London after swearing and spitting at him.

Where is all the anger coming from Naomi? Damn. SMH


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  • Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies

    erghhhh she just sounds like a spolit lil b*tch

  • Nigga Said

    She needs to hook up with Chris Brown. I bet she wouldnt get out of pocket with him.

  • shar

    She’s been courted by Presidents, primeministers their wives, fashionistas etc and been told she is beautiful and made lots of money and has become spoiled and agressive. Funny, tho’ she never pulled any of her crap on anybody important, always on those below her.

  • Don't mind me

    Bring it Campbell. I’m a Londoner too and I would knock your spoilt skinny stuck up mellon head cleeeean off.
    I’ll go all out hulk like on your arse

  • nyob

    She is a brat and brats always get theirs eventually. It must be sad for her to be a fashion model with no other talent than to stalk down runways, have rich men chase after her and have temper tsunamis. (The first two may not be so bad). She needs a hobby or a Plan B with a quickness.

  • DA Brooklyn Bandit


  • Tropical English

    I notice she aint been hitting on no black folks. She know better. She bound to get that narrow behind whipped!

  • Souljagir

    That chick would get molly whopped messing with me! All that being around uppity folks has her thinking she’s what’s good she would of been beat bald to the skull if she came at me like that im saying!

  • Back On My Swag

    Why is he talking about he was abused over 5 years ago. If he didn’t hit her back, shut up and move on.

    She already has the “crazy b*tch” image on lock so he ain’t helping or hurting anything. He just want to be seen…….

    I have four brothers and I believe that if a woman is abusing a man…it means he is not man enough for HER.

    An aggressive woman needs an aggressive man. Point blank period!! (She is not crazy for real, she’s not going to hit anybody that she KNOWS will Deebo her a$$)

  • Back On My Swag

    I agree with whoever said she needs to date a Jamaican. Like I heard RhiRhi has hit Chris a few times, what she didn’t know was that Chris wasn’t as weak as she thought!!

  • Philly

    let her lash out at somebody like queen pen!! lol she will get a royal-hood-style-beat-down. she needs to chill, lol, seriously though. its good that he wasnt the type of man who would’ve knocked her lights out (like diddy, dr. dre, gucci mane, etc)

  • NYC Gal - The Original




    I don’t know but for some reason,this man strikes me as someone who loves a good spanking every now and then.

  • Bébé

    She’s doing drugs that’s why she can’t control her temper

  • About it

    Y’all know you got me hollerin’ with laughter up in here.

  • Mrs. RL (of Next)

    I wouldn’t mind if someone beat Noami’s ass. She needs a beat down.

    Any takers? Ike? Oh, wait. You can’t.

    Mike? Chris?

  • BastetsMeow

    Iman said it best:

    The longer a model continues walking the catwalk, the more people would not take her seriously. Naomi’s contemporaries (Cindy, Linda, Christy,Tyra, et al) paid their dues, left the catwalk, and started their own thang (school, business ventures, family, marriage, etc.)Evangelista does TV ads for Loreal (which is considered far superior than catwalking) Iman has even stated that catwalking is a young girl’s business and she has even said that the fashion world is a circus and she has never been on the catwalk since she left in 1989.

    I will give Naomi credit for still being a fierce model after all these years, but the fact that she’s still catwalking at almost 40 is sad.

  • Looking

    maybe she’ll just marry the Russian billionaire she’s dating..she doesn’t date black men anymore..she wised up..

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