In White Folks News: Jared Leto Had To Duck Kris Jenner’s Flirting All Paris Fashion Week

- By Bossip Staff

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Kriss Jenner Flirted With Jared Leto

Kris Jenner has apparently been done with her swirly cougar-bait Corey Gamble for a minute…and she is already on the prowl for his replacement. Sources say Kris Jenner’s thirst was EXTRA real during Paris Fashion Week. Apparently the Kardashian Momager was sprung and not afraid to show it every time she got around the newly blonde actor.

“She was talking Jared’s ear off and kept pulling him in to take selfies with her,” a source told Star Magazine. Apparently Jared was weirded out and annoyed by Kris’ behavior that he jetted out of there before the show even ended. But this wasn’t the only run in he had with Bruce Jenner’s ex.

He ended up getting seated next to Kris again at the Balmain dinner that same night. And according to the source, Kris started laying it on even thicker.

“She almost trapped Jared into talking for hours, half joking that she’d die to have him as a son-in-law or, better yet, her boyfriend. It freaked him out, and once again, he left the party early because he couldn’t stand talking to her. He thinks she’s nuts!”

Kris better chill…doesn’t she know Lupita Nyong’o has that on reserve?



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