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ASAP Ferg Says Racism Has Been Over In America On NPR

NPR’s Microphone Check sat down with ASAP Ferg last month to chat with him about his latest project, musical influences and America’s struggle with race relations. What the A$AP Mob member had to say about racism was very interesting…

MUHAMMAD: What are the people supposed to get from your art? What do you want people to get from it?


I want people to get some happy times from it. I want to people to get a reality from it. I want people to get the latest news. I want kids to know — I want kids from the suburbian world who don’t know what it’s like to live in the hood, I want them to get a glimpse of what it’s like in our world. And then I want my homies from the hood to get a glimpse of how Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande live because I’ve been to these places or been to they house, you know what I’m saying? So I want them to see, like, alright — I’m basically bridging the gap.

And we all listen to the same music. When I’m hanging out with them, they looking at Chris Brown performances and loving his dances or listening to A$AP records. Or Nick Jonas is listening to — bumping my stuff. Or Madonna’s son got “Work” as a ring tone. We all the same. That’s what it is about this culture of the Internet. Is everything is merged. There’s no racism with the Internet. Racism only was — is probably like five generations ago.



Yeah. Racism is for — I wouldn’t say generations. Yeah, like five generations ago. Racism been over. It’s the old people that keep on holding on to it. We don’t hold on to that s—-. We don’t know racism. We all like having — like my brother had white — my little brother had white girlfriends. And that’s regular, like —

MUHAMMAD: We may not hold on to it but I think there are different forms of oppression that causes separation.


Oh definitely, but I don’t feel like it’s — but I think that’s classism. I don’t think it’s racism.

MUHAMMAD: Yeah, absolutely. I think within that oppression though that it’s also a divisive tool. And it divides us.



Check out the full interview below:

What do you think of Ferg’s thoughts on racism in America??



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