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Mo’Nique’s New Film Tackles Being Black, Gay And Christian

Mo’Nique says she’s been blackballed by Hollywood, so she’s blazing her own trail on the independent circuit.

The outspoken Academy Award winner, who won acclaim for her portrayal of Mary, the abusive mom in 2009’s “Precious,” is back, this time playing a deeply religious mother coming to terms with her gay teen son in the new movie, “Blackbird.” Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney Hicks, co-executive produced the coming of age movie.

“I know those mothers, who are in church everyday,” she said, “but still have a hard time accepting their baby.”

“Blackbird” stars Mo’Nique and Isaiah Washington as the parents of Randy, played by newcomer Julian Walker. Set in a religious small town in Mississippi, the family has to navigate Randy’s budding sexuality as well as a daughter being kidnapped.

“It’s a story that has to be told,” Mo’Nique told BOSSIP. “It’s necessary for the healing of people, and to allow people to start being who they want to be.”

Mo’Nique said although “Blackbird” tackles homosexuality within an African-American family, the theme is universal.

“When we say ‘homosexuality in the black community,’ I used to think the same thing too. That it was such a blow to the black community,” she told BOSSIP. “When we took this film out, there were white men coming up to me and saying, ‘That’s my story.”

Up next for Mo’Nique is the HBO film “Bessie,” where she plays bisexual blues singer Ma Rainey. Mo’Nique said it’s entirely a coincidence that both “Blackbird,” and her next film, “Bessie,” deal with homosexuality in the African-American community.

“It’s a story that needs to be told,” Mo’Nique said. “and the people telling it just happen to be black. It’s not a black movie. People of all colors want acceptance, don’t they?”

“Blackbird” opens in theaters April 24.



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