Web History: The Most Hilarious, Weirdest, And Most Obvious Things People Google Search In Each State

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15 Of The Most Googled Terms By Cost For Every State In The America

If you were allowed to go on a random persons computer and look through their web history you would probably end up laughing, crying, and being thoroughly shocked by the things the look up on Google.

A recent study done by Fixr shows the most popular search done in each state by cost. Some of the results are obvious, and some just leave you scratching your head.

Flip the page to see what people in each state are obsessed with.

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OF COURSE everyone in California is looking for a facelift. The Kardashians probably got this search trending all by themselves.



Pull out game in The Sunshine State is hella weak, blood.



The folks in Florida could learn a thing or two from ‘Zona.


“Gallon of milk”

We can’t come up with one legit reason why you would ever have to Google “gallon of milk”. Alaskans are weird.



Errbody in the Nebraska gettin’ tipsy!!!



OF COURSE everyone in Colorado is looking for info about that loud.

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    Not sure if that means that people are constantly dying and leaving people property or if the state is looking to annex themselves from the U.S.

    New York

    “Pound Of Weed”



    “Breast Lift”

    Ladies out here are looking to get their girls to stand at attention again.



    This is the LAST place we expected BOTOX to be popular.

    New Jersey


    A LOT of bodies drop in New Jersey. SMH. Stop the violence.


    “Breast Implants”

    Are there a lot of freak film stars in Arkansas or just some self-conscious



    OF COURSE everyone is Nevada is lookin’ to knock boots with some street walkers.



    If you’ve ever been to Atlanta or any of the surrounding areas you know a cab is the LAST mode of transportation you’re gonna find out on the the street.

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