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Recent Grad Mallory Heiney Joins Students In Strike Against Student Loan Debt

Earlier this week Mallory Heiney wrote an interesting piece for The Washington Post about her quest for ‘justice for students ensnared in a debt trap.’ Heiney is one of fifteen students dubbed the ‘Corinthian 15’ and refuses to repay her debt to the now struggling Everest College.

Countless students of Everest College (and sister colleges) have complained and even sued based on false promises regarding the quality of the education and the loan repayment plans. Heiney is passionate about rectifying these issues and is even willing to risk a poor credit score. The debt-striking student went on to close her essay with the following:

“While our cause is modest by comparison, we recognize that some of the greatest human rights movements in history were launched by the small acts of a few individuals. After voting in the 1872 national election, Susan B. Anthony was arrested and convicted of “illegal voting” while fighting for her right to vote. It took until 1920 for women to receive the right to vote. In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus. This soon led to the revolutionary Montgomery bus boycott.

If those who came before us can take a stand in the face of persecution, harassment, beatings, imprisonment and even death, I will certainly stand in the face of wage garnishment and a tarnished credit report.”

Now, we all know college ain’t cheap! And no one should have to sell their body to make payments and buy food – things Heiney says she had to do in order to stay enrolled.

“Soon I was selling my plasma twice a week to buy groceries and make my interest-only payments.”

But is the student loan debt crisis really comparable to struggles of Rosa Parks during the Civil Rights Movement or the fight for Women’s rights? Shouldn’t it now be common knowledge to NEVER believe what they tell you on television advertisements and (even if you do so happen to believe the commercial) to ALWAYS READ YOUR PAPERWORK??

That said, money talks! And Heiney says the Corinthian 15 hope to make their ‘voices heard using debt as leverage’. If holding somebody’s money doesn’t grab their attention, then I don’t know what will. We wish her the best and hopefully the Corinthian 15 can get their loans dismissed because it’s true that Everest College is nothing but the Devil.

Buuuuuttt there is this one burning question…

Is it just me, or did people take Everest for a joke from jump street? What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments…



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