Fact Matters: Why Does The Media Insist On Calling Suge Knight A Rapper?!

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Media Insists On Calling Suge Knight A Rapper

Suge Knight has never spit a single bar on any song ever. He’s not a rapper. He’s a mogul. A Businessman. And whether you think he’s a good or just businessman or a thief and murderer, the fact remains that Suge Knight is a mogul. Not a rapper.

Yet every time he’s been mentioned since allegedly murdering someone, he’s been called a rapper. But…why?

What compels the media to insist that Suge has spit bars to achieve his fame? Pure laziness probably plays a part. But it probably has something to do with the desire to pain rap and rappers as people who commit murders and act insane in court. There isn’t a distinction between a business person in the rap field and a rapper – probably because a person of color in the rap diaspora solely known for business practices is unheard of to them. I bet if Steve Stoute or Dame Dash got arrested for knifing someone up, they’d get called rappers too.

For example, remember when Chris Brown was called a rapper?


It’d be great if the media stopped placing their own racist expectations on Blackness.

Please and thank you.

So, again: SUGE KNIGHT IS NOT A RAPPER. So stop it.

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