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Raven Symone Talks Michelle Obama Comments, Racial Identity

Raven did her best to explain herself to E!’s Alicia Quarles during a sit-down chat.

On The N-word:

“There’s a lot of pain connected to it, but then there’s a lot of brotherly love connected to it, and I feel like you shouldn’t say a word you wouldn’t let anybody else use.”

On Defending the Univision host who said Michelle Obama looked like a monkey:

“I don’t think I was defending. I think he got fired for a reason. It was very distasteful what he said, it was very distasteful. And I don’t believe she looks like one at all. I don’t believe she should’ve been casted, but I do know that a lot of people I know have animal traits.”

On not being “African American:”

“I never said I wasn’t black. I said I wasn’t African American and to me, that’s a difference…We are a melting pot of beauty. We have to embrace the different cultures we have. And if you don’t, we’re still gonna have these problems that are blasting up everywhere. And call me hippie, call me a free-thinker, call me someone that’s looking for a better life, but I wanna be in a better world.”

Don’t call her African American — she’s from every CONTINENT in Africa & Europe, y’all. Every. One. SMH.

This girl’s foot must taste extra good since she can’t seem to keep it out of her own mouth.




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