Tyra Banks Has Low Self-Esteem

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This is a preview clip of the Tyra Banks show where she discusses her weight gain. SMH at her crying at the end. She looks pretty good in that swimsuit but why is she crying if her self-esteem is so intact? Tyra became a star by supporting the unhealthy thin look. Now she wants to be a “weight preacher” now that she has a talk-show, gained 40 pounds, and is getting cracked on. SMH. I can just picture Tyra 5-10 years ago crackin on some overweight fugly girl somewhere with her “top model” friends. You know she was starving herself leading up to that show and bought a new swimsuit.Click here and here for more preview clips.

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    interesting post on self esteem!!!!

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    She’s Tyra Banks, what do you expect? She’s done worse on her show. Remember when she acted to turn into a rabid dog during a middle of the interview? *Shudders*

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