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Alaska Police Raid Cannabis Club Of TV Reporter Who Quit On-Air

The cannabis club belonging to the TV reporter who publicly quit on-air to start the business in Alaska has been raided by police under suspicion of selling recreational marijuana.

Via Sputnik News reports:

Charlo Greene — whose legal name is Charlene Egbe — quit her reporting job for KTVA in a spectacular fashion using an expletive on-air. She was reporting on an effort to legalize marijuana in Alaska and also announced her ownership of the Alaska Cannabis club.

This weekend, the Alaska Cannabis Club was raided by police who said they suspected that pot was being sold for recreational purposes at the club which is not yet legal in the state. Voters approved a ballot measure legalizing the recreational use of marijuana last year but it is still illegal to sell the drug. The state legislature is now considering that next step to legalizing the trade.

It is a charge Egbe has denied and she has been adamant that the club does not sell cannabis club itself at all, either for recreational purposes or medicinal ones. Rather, the club is for medical marijuana users to share among themselves. It also serves as a residence multiple medical marijuana cardholders.

“We don’t sell any recreational marijuana. We don’t sell any medical marijuana. This is a place for cardholders to come and share their own cannabis,” she told her old employer KTVA.

“Police received reports of the illegal sale of marijuana and other derivatives at a location that’s been identified as the Alaska Cannabis Club on the 600 block of Gamble Street,” they wrote in a statement to media.

No charges have been filed but police have apparently confiscated a couple vehicles, a Dodge Dakota and a Jeep Liberty, as well as an undisclosed amount of marijuana and pot plants. They also took computers and drug paraphernalia.

Charlo took to her Twitter age to talk about the raid and says the police is targeting her on prurpose:

Do you think the “eff it” former TV reporter has been targeted by police for her piff-puffin’ ways? Hit the flip for more…



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