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Woman Makes Shocking Discovery In Her McDonald’s Sandwich

A British woman is making international headlines after she bit into something hard in her McDonald’s sandwich—–a metal screw.

The Daily Mail reports: 

A grandmother who discovered a metal screw in her £3.39 McDonald’s breakfast is ‘outraged’ after staff did not offer her a refund.

Donna Savigar ordered a sausage and egg McMuffin at a Newcastle-under-Lyme branch of the fast food chain around 9.45am on Friday.

The 45-year-old was three-quarters of the way through her sandwich when she felt metal crunch between her teeth and spat out a screw.

Donna’s daughter Dayna Bennett, 20, went to complain about the dangerous nail – but staff said they could only make her a fresh one.

Ms Savigar, who works for a charity, said: ‘I could have ended up choking to death – imagine if it had happened to a child.

‘A child would start choking and you wouldn’t know what to do because you certainly wouldn’t be expecting them to have swallowed a screw in the middle of McDonald’s.

‘I don’t see why they don’t just pay up. All I was looking for was a refund.’

The mother-of-one, from Halmer End, said she complained to headquarters but couldn’t receive a refund until they had done a thorough investigation.

She added: ‘They need to train staff to deal with that sort of situation. A manager needs to come over and deal with it.

‘We weren’t offered a refund and we weren’t even told how we could go about complaining to McDonald’s about it, we had to Google that for ourselves.

‘I took a picture straight away so no one could say we had planted it there and then took the McMuffin back to the counter.

‘They just took it away, I don’t know what they did with it. Then they just asked if we wanted a fresh one.

McDonald’s confirmed it is investigating.

SMH at them not giving the lady a refund.

What’s really up with McDonald’s????

First they tell employees to put mustard on their burns, then someone finds beard trimmings in their food and now this?!?!



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