For Discussion: Is This Police Kick In the Head to Gangster “Acceptable”??

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The police in Southern California are no joke, we all know that. The community is split because of who they kicked. YOU MUST take a look at the die-hard gangster they kicked below… and we do mean “DIE-HARD”:

The decision by an El Monte police officer to kick the head of a suspect who was surrendering at the end of a televised pursuit was roundly criticized by use-of-force experts Thursday as an inexcusable and unnecessary tactical lapse.

But on the streets of El Monte and nearby communities, the reaction was less unanimous. Though some said the officer should not have kicked 23-year-old Richard Rodriguez, many said they feel no sympathy for the parolee and known gang member. Some said he deserved the kick for leading police on a dangerous chase. “He spoke to my frustration over gang members,” said Hector Trujillo, 48, who owns a liquor store in Pico Rivera, where the chase ended. “The rule of law says it’s not right, but with [gang members] you just don’t know what to expect.” Trujillo said he watched the chase on TV and worried that Rodriguez would hurt bystanders. “I was just waiting for him to run over a mother with three kids; it happened before.”  Two investigations have been opened into the 40-minute police pursuit and foot chase that traversed half a dozen cities in the San Gabriel Valley on Wednesday. The officer, who was not identified, has been reassigned pending the outcome of the reviews. El Monte police handed over the criminal investigation to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and the results will be forwarded to county prosecutors. The incident began when gang officers recognized a man they believed was a gang member driving a Toyota. They were trying to determine if the car was stolen when the driver committed an unspecified traffic violation.

Rodriguez sped off, blowing through stop signs and running red lights at speeds reaching 80 mph, even attempting to elude authorities by driving on the opposite side of the road and on a sidewalk full of pedestrians, said department spokesman Ken Alva. Video shows Rodriguez being kicked in the face after he had put his hands up and fell to the ground with his arms above his head. Two officers are seen in news footage giving each other high-fives. Alva said investigators also are examining the actions of a second officer, who used a plastic flashlight to subdue Rodriguez.

Police use-of-force experts said it will be hard for the officer to justify his actions. Samuel Walker, a criminology professor at the University of Nebraska, called the kick to the head “unprovoked and unnecessary . . . It’s one of the worst incidents of this kind that I’ve seen.” David A. Klinger, a criminology professor at the University of Missouri and a former Los Angeles police officer, said the officer also appears to have made tactical errors. “I don’t understand why an officer would want to get so close to a suspect,” he said. “I understand [the officer is] probably angry because of the chase, but it doesn’t justify a kick to the head,” Art Juarez, a 43-year-old litigation support specialist, said as he ate lunch at a burger stand.

Hmm, this is a tricky one.



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  • Nique


  • [S]pade

    I dont even care if they are police…That’s some foul shit

  • http://hmlt pooka

    dos, this is so normal in cali, we will hear nothing else about this, they will pay this guy off, with millions, nothing will happen to the cops, WHY because the color of his skin,

  • Nique

    He deserved it-this low life thug could have killed innocent people!Better the officer than me cause I would have kicked him in the balls and stomped in it with 6 inch stilletos

  • Mock Rock Star

    I have to side with the cops on this one…imagine someone “actually” breaking the law and endangering your life and others driving down the wrong way and then running making U run behind them. I doubt if I would walk up to them and just say, “U’re under arrest”

  • Blaize

    OMG… I dont feel bad that gang memebr looks lik he took a lot harder kicks in his lifetime… He N the cops was people lives in danger w/ these reckless speed chases its a shame. We all kno the racial profling, and racism Cali police participate in so no suprise..

  • missunderstood (f*ck some playoffs, I want my TV back!!!!)

    It’s NOT RIGHT! People who choose to go into law enforcement are expected to adhere to a higher standard of right and wrong than average everyday people. He was giving up, obviously, he knew he was caught. You can’t do that to someone simply because you are angry, (if you’re a cop, that is). REGARDLESS of your emotions you are out there to do a job, and that was not it. So when the shyt happens to someone who let’s say, didn’t ‘deserve it’, then we should be outraged? NO, we should be outraged each and every time someone in a position of power misuses and abuses it. F*ck tha police, (especially the CA and NY PD) for real… The biggest gang in America…

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Did the Cavs sweep...again?)

    Even though dude looked like he needed a kicking they shouldnt have done that…

    Johnny Law aint shit…

  • chuck

    First off, let’s not make this criminal the victim. Sure the kick to the head was not necessary but would it have been justified if the car he hit had a family in it? This ‘gangster’ did not have any regard for the citizens that he put in danger with that car chase and you better believe that if he had hit someone or multiple people he would have just continued driving or running. So screw him! He got kicked in the head – big deal.

  • Nadine

    Gangster or not, a kick in the head seems excessive.

  • @.@

    The problem with agreeing with this is, is that there could be various situations where this would be alright (such as the dude above). But, what happens if it happens to be a regular joe in the wrong place at the wrong time? Police should have given him some more body kicks.



  • rome

    Someone should take that cop out back and kick him in his ass! His job is to apprehend the suspection and turn him over to the justice system! Not issue out his own form of justice!

  • JB Smokin' Hot Cougarlicious in a Cap and Gown!!!!

    Hey 6 Nikki and rome!!! LAPD at it’s finest!!

  • missunderstood (f*ck some playoffs, I want my TV back!!!!)

    The dumb azz cop who kicked him made that criminal a “victim”. Now, not only will the case likely be compromised, he is certain to get a payday out of this, where as, if the cop had done his job, he’d just be going to prison. I don’t believe in vigilante justice by cops, under any circumstances. It’s because we bend the law, look the other way, turn what is truely black and white into a grey area, that we see the demise of our infrastructure, put in place to protect us.
    He did this, he did that, he was speeding he COULD have killed, etc, etc. SO WHAT! That’s what the freaking court system is for. Let them convict him IN A COURT OF LAW. The police are there to APPREHEND criminals, not to mete out justice at their discretion or how they see fit. It’s wrong, wrong wrong, under any circumstances…
    Send him to jail, don’t assault him.

  • Mobilemoll

    Paraphrasing Chris Rock: “You shouldn’t do it, but I understand…”

    I couldn’t be a cop because I would be written up more times than I could count. Bottom line, that cop had NO right kicking homes in the head (not shoulder newsman…) when he lied down calmly. There was no need to “subdue” him as he wasn’t resisting!

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Did the Cavs sweep...again?)

    Hey JB!!

    What time did you say it was?? It must be late and you must be delirious talking about the Cavs loosing to the Lakers…please go lay down…do you want to spoon?

  • Sydney™

    I understand that this suspect led police on a very dangerous high-speed chase down the wrong side of a street, but that is no justification for an officer kicking him in the head when the suspect was clearly on the ground and was no longer alluding authorities. That’s excessive force, pure and simple. Officers are trained professionals who should know how to appropriately respond to suspects under a variety of circumstances and exercise proper judgment. This action just stooped the officer to the level of the alleged criminal he was taking into custody.

    On a side note, you could tell even the newsman was taken aback by what he witnessed. His tone clearly changed after the officer kicked the suspect with the camera still rolling. Not a smart move on the officer’s part.

  • chochachoppa

    I have no pity for stupid arse gang-members. Emotionally this kick was understandable, but it is against the law- period. However, police shouldn’t be allowed to kick criminals after they committed crime. Let the judge decide on the punishment! What if u land on the lawn for whatever reason and they kick you in the face? Yeah in that case u don’t want it of course, but where do you draw the line? You can’t let cops get away with that -point blank.

  • Sonny

    I understand the brutality of being kicked in the head, but imagine the adrenaline and frustration these officers feel getting caught up in a situation like this. We fuss when the officers aren’t doing enough to keep our streets safe yet turn around and gripe at the means in which they do it. Classic catch 22.


    Not the high-five at da end. The field goal was good!!

  • Let's talk truth...

    Honestly – If this person harmed, mamed, or killed a family member of mine – unfortunately (GOD forgive me) I don’t know if I could feel sympathy for him. I mean it was evident that he was desperate enough to go against traffic to get away and ran into a car at that. So as I am against police brutality (especially with the history of the infamous LA police) I don’t feel sorry for him. Is it wrong – that I can say definitely yes it is. But do I feel sorry for him No I don’t.


    For some reason dis dude running like dat, puts me in mind of the old tv show Run Joe Run.

  • Black Beauty

    The policeman was wrong, period. I hope that they throw the book at this punk, but the officer had no right to kick him in the head. He clearly surrendered. Yes, the police are frustrated, but sh**, half of the people I know are frustrated at work.

  • Doc

    It was indeed outrageous.
    That cop should have given him a Rodney King style beatdown instead of a measly kick in the head.

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