Caption This: Funky Flex Mouth

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Come on Flex, that look is unbecoming. Pug-Mouth at 40??? SMH

Pop the top to see Q-Tip, and Angie Martinez out at Home Cooking Thursdays, Club Imperial in the NYC.

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  • Nique

    Orange is not your color!!!

  • Nique

    I only see white around the eyes, and pink lips! Can someone tell me where his ears and nose are???

  • breezy00

    wow. do ppl still dress like that at his age?
    orange fitted with the orange shirt AND orange kicks..??

  • Lion's Crown

    He look a lil rough but I bet he still cutt more then most.

  • Luv-Lee

    The Lil Wayne Generation dont appreciate Funk Flex.

  • john hope franklin

    blackface-circa 1910 (no hate)

  • Black Beauty

    His mouth looks as sloppy and floppy as the rest of him. LOL

  • tg

    Dang you guys are rough on Rappers older than Lil Wayne – huh? Anyway – lmao at white around the eyes and pink lips – is all you can see.

  • NB

    Q-Tip looks cute. Angie, Flex and Capri look chubby and older.

  • Otis The Security Guard

    *STATIC* This is Officer Otis reporting for duty. Everything seems to be going fine in this post, Over! *STATIC*

  • YoungJay

    Is it me or does Flex look like Ashy Larry in that pic?

  • DP

    O Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa…….It the kool-Aid Man

  • best you ever had

    ok, he has been on the air for entirely too long. someone please take him off. if i hear one more damn bomb in the middle of my favorite song…

    i swear man. retire.

  • hey girl

    i have no idea who he is, but i thought it was a white person in black face

  • hey girl

    i thought it was a white person in black face who is he anyway, im in the midwest so that’s probably why i dont know

  • dragged into thiz

    Dude looks like a cross between Bamboozled and Bill Duke from “Predator”.

    “I’m gon’ have me some fun! I’m gon’ have me some fun!”

  • Monti

    So that’s who I lent my M.A.C Viva Glam to! I’ve been looking everywhere!

  • Toxicity (aka toxicity212)

    I bet you those are Lugz on his feet. Go back home to your fat sloppy wife.

  • rome a.k.a. (Fu#k! Da Diaz Bruddaz)

    or is it uncle ben from the rice box?!!!!!! ROTFLMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rome a.k.a. (Fu#k! Da Diaz Bruddaz)


    All tru!!

    no disrespect but I got love for the pioneers that’s all.

    Luv ya boo! Luv all my sistas!!!!

  • barb


  • ysr

    looks like he just got out of the bathroom



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