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Beyoncé And Jay Z Reportedly Had Spat At Dinner

Just when we thought BeyBey and hubby Hov’s love was back in full bloom new reports have surfaced claiming the pair had a public blowout while dining in a private room.

According to a Crazy Days And Nights report:

For the first time I can remember, the two lost their cool in public where at least four other diners and a couple of waiters in a private room witnessed them having a blowout fight. Granted, this only comes from two people who were in the room but once tabloids and wallets start digging perhaps they can get the waiters to spill. The two were at dinner and had just had appetizers brought to the table. A bodyguard was in one corner of the room seated at a table looking around but mostly looking at his phone. Beyonce started speaking louder and louder and Jay tried to get her to be quiet while looking around. The bodyguard started watching the scene and stopped looking at his phone but did not get up. Things settled down when Jay whispered in Beyonce’s ear. About ten minutes later Beyonce said something else and whatever Jay said didn’t seem to work. He shrugged his shoulders and Beyonce started pointing at him and leaned over the table and got closer to his face and started talking louder. She then said one last thing, pushed back her chair and threw her napkin on the table before getting up and headed towards the door. She motioned for the bodyguard to follow her and walked out the door to the room to the main part of the restaurant. By the time she got to the door, Jay had thrown literally a stack of money on the table and was chasing after her.

Wonder if this is the same spat at dinner that was reported back in February, or something new?

Do you think the report is credible or nah? Even if it is true, it’s not like married couples don’t have disagreements from time to time, riiiiiight?




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