Does The Cast Of "Empire" Get Along?

Cookie Really Does Hate Boo Boo Kitty & Other Rumored ‘Empire’ Drama

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Reported “Empire” Drama On Set

“Empire” is a hit.

There’s no denying it considering that it has white folks typing think pieces in angst and it’s been ratings gold for the network.

But unbeknownst to fans, is there a gaggle of onset drama behind the scenes?

The Daily Mail reports:

Everyone may be in love with the cast of characters on Lee Daniel’s music-themed drama Empire, but behind the scenes the actors are far from in love with each other.

The insider revealed that Oscar nominees Taraji P.Henson and Terrence Howard have complete control the set. The two stars oversee the scripts and are often making changes as late as the day of taping.

‘They call for re-writes if they don’t like the lines or feel as though another character is getting more camera time than they are,’ says the source. ‘They both have final approval over the script, which often frustrates the other actors because it causes their lines to regularly change.’

But that’s not all, see what other drama is reportedly brewing on set in particular between two of the show’s actresses…

Reportedly the friction between Boo Boo Kitty and Cookie is far from acting.

Via The Daily Mail:

Henson and her co-star Grace Gealey (Anika “Boo Boo Kitty” Calhoun) don’t get along on the set.

Sources say that Henson has been trying to lose weight and sometimes wears Spanx to cover her ‘tummy pooch.’

Apparently, she’s envious of Gealey’s small waist and the sexy, fitted dresses wardrobe likes to put her in.

‘Taraji hates Grace’s tiny figure and often complains to wardrobe about putting her in outfits sexier than her character’s. She says stuff like, “if you put her a** in anything tighter she won’t be able to breathe,”‘ our source revealed.

Meanwhile, Taraji herself wore a tight-fitting hot pink number at a recent Empire event.

On set, the two actresses stay far, far away from each other. Their real-life tension seems to be captured in their on-camera feud, which ended in a physical fight scene on the season finale.

But what about Terrence Howard? Is Lucious Lyon completely happy with his costars??? Hit the flip…

Nope. There’s rumors that Terrence is “jealous” of Malik Yoba and he urged writes to kill him off because he’s tired of women “swooning over him.”


Via The Daily Mail:

Howard has had his own issues with co-star Malik Yoba (Vernon Turner), who sources say was killed off in the season finale at Howard’s urging.

‘He never liked working opposite Malik because women just swoon over him. During promotional appearances and public events, women would go crazy over Malik because he’s been a Hollywood stud for a long time.

Yoba was often frustrated that he had limited lines and knew that Howard was responsible for getting his camera time cut short.

Hmmm…do you believe this reported “Empire” drama or is someone just trying to sully the image of a successful black show???

Is it really that hard to believe that this cast could be getting along perfectly fine?

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