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Claudia Jordan Confirms And Denies Sleeping With 28 Men

RHOA star Claudia Jordan recently stopped by the No Judgment Zone with Blogxilla to talk about the hit Bravo reality series, Amber Rose, slut-shaming and an infamous list of men who she supposedly slept with.

The list first appeared on social media and blogs but quickly went viral when it appeared that the personality allegedly slept with over 28 famous men.

Check out the list below:

Claudia spoke about the list and says that many of the names are indeed true, spotted at The Jasmine Brand:

“First of all, there are a few people on there that I have dated, married to, one that proposed to me. And then it’s like they have about 23 random filler dudes. It’s like if people would take the time and think about it, I am a very visible person. I put everything on social media. Don’t you think you would have seen some of these pictures on my page? And then they put me with people that don’t even exist. One of them is a guy named Sean Billups, NFL. There was never a Sean Billups in the NFL. If you look at that list and you’re like okay that names fake. They say I was with Diddy and then Diddy’s 18 year old adopted son at the time, Quincy. Said I was with Kevin Hart, Tyrese. They just got me with two thirds of TGT. It really hurt me because some of the people on there are married and are friends of mine.”

Better watch your boyish backs Cassie! You too Eudoxie! Hit the flip to more men the Real Housewife of Atlanta has allegedly been romantically linked with next…

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