Some Afternoon Handsome: Damon Wayans Jr.

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Lil Jr Wayans was promoting the ish out of his new flick “Dance Movie” at Planet Hollywood. The ladies seemed to dig Damon Jr. in our exclusive the other day and he seems like a funny kid. We shall see.

Pop the hood to see some more..

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  • Mrs. Philly is back on the grind!


  • Damon Wayans Jr.

    Satan go to hell

  • i say i'ze married now!!

    i wonder if he’s worried about going bald….

  • noelle

    He is so cute

  • hawtt0pic


  • ayla

    just too cute. hes really fine… i remember i used to have a crush on his dad 🙂

  • hommie

    Does he look like a ocward dork ….or is it just me.

  • Ermy Erm is Disillusioned with Society ( It's Friday Mudda Suckas)

    Handsome? NOT. he is just alright

  • Octavia

    Daggum… Damon Sr. could NEVA deny him.

  • ♥ PyNk ♥

    @ i say i’ze married now!!
    Hey girl! How is the baby doing? I’m so happy to hear you are married now! CONGRATS! It’s been a great year for you. So happy…I’ve missed you on these boards. It’s like so many people fell off and got on something else.

    But back to lil Jr. he’s a yummy lip smacking good fine morsel! His lips are yummy and mmm mmm mmm… lemme stop!!!

  • Mrs. Philly is back on the grind!

    LOL @ Damon Wayans Jr…you tell him boo!

  • ♥ PyNk ♥

    @ Toxicity….What an ignorant statement Toxicity.. “the return of the light-skinned negro is back” wtf? We’re not talking about a shoe style or a type of hand bag that is back in style…. This is a man, a human being… a skin color? WOW… I don’t get ignorant thinking like that… I know people have preferences but to compare a man’s skin tone to “what’s in” is so foul. CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!!

  • chaka1

    I would tear him up and teach him a few thangs with his cute self.


  • Toxicity (aka toxicity212)
  • Toxicity


    Why do i have to automatically accept his questionable looks? I can say negative comments about him just like the men (&b women) are going hard about Jennifer Hudson’s appearance and being so over critical of her. what is with the double standard. I don’t think think he is remotely attractive!

  • ♥ PyNk ♥

    @ Toxicity…. I’m not putting you on blast because you think he’s unattractive… that’s fine if you say so. That’s your preference. You can think who you want to be attracitve or fugly…. I’m just stating that was ignorant to say that light skinned brothas are coming back in…. I just thought statement was ignorant… and to quote Buc Wild… really?>/b>

  • ♥ PyNk ♥

    @i say i’ze married now!!
    I know girl… I feel the same way. I don’t hardly no anyone…. No one is on here like the used to be… Not Daywalker, Oshie, BrookLynn…. Oh Lawdy makes a few appearances and of course Hannibal pops up err now and again… Do you remember Joey Bishop? Got drama on that man… LOL
    Did you have the baby in February? I’ve been okay. I don’t post as much as I use to either on here… get too busy at work and the Boss lady was getting hip to me on the site too much… I had a talkin’ to!
    LOL you come back to the boards married and now I’m not! Wow how things change! I’m tryna move to FLA this year… get out of the Pacific Northwest… too much damn snow and not enough “culture…” LOL if you catch my politically correct drift! My son be catching too much grief at school seeing since he’s like one of very few minorities in his private school. But again Congrats on everything!!

  • Toxicity

    Back On My Swag

    But the ugliest, fatest, nastiest, ashiest, bad skin, bald headed, out-of-breath, buck tooth mofo’s get rap deals. Why is that?
    @Back On My Swag

    thank you i agree with you case in point:
    1. rick ross
    2. jay-z
    3. fabolous
    4. young jeezy
    5. youn joc
    6. t.i.
    7. bow wow
    8. Jermaine dupri
    9. usher
    10. soulja boy
    11. shawty low
    12. 50 cent
    13. Lloyd banks
    14. plies
    15. red café
    16. lil wayne (he should have been on the top)
    17. too many to list

  • ♥ PyNk ♥ (no ring on this finger!)


  • Toxicity

    wow you’re slow…
    Yeah the person the other day called me a name because of MY opinion of him being ugly
    I’m calling you a hypocrite & a fool because of your lack of intelligence from your statements

  • ♥ PyNk ♥ (no ring on this finger!)

    I’ll pray for you ma…. =)

  • ♥ PyNk ♥ (no ring on this finger!)

    because every time you post something and I read what you be saying… I feel sadder and sadder for you…

  • me (the original)®

    That list has me seriously thinking.

    Honestly, the ugliest man in the game, I think I would have to say it’s a tie between Jay-Z and Bobby Brown. Rick Ross would come in third. Very close, but even with all his blubber, I don’t think he’s as ugly as Jay-Z or Bobby Brown.

    Time for a sorority-esque question for the ladies.

    If the Apocalypse came, money no longer meant anything and you *HAD* to procreate and the men to choose between were Bobby Brown and Jay-Z, who would you choose? NOTE: To all of you who would say “I would just kill myself” (like I would), you can’t possibly. You have been cursed with invincibility. Which one?

  • Toxicity

    @ me (the original)®

    LMAO!!!! for saying “You have been cursed with invincibility. Which one?”

    Damn thats a tough one!!!!!

  • me (the original)®


    LOL. But you have to choose! *Aragorn from Lord of the Rings voice* WHAT SAY YOU? lol

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