Fix Your Life: 15 Burning Questions We Want Iyanla To Ask Karrueche

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15 Questions We Want Iyanla To Ask Karrueche

The big moment is coming, folks. That’s right. We’re finally on the cusp of the greatest TV show episode of all time: Iyanla is interviewing Karrueche about her many, many life decisions and it’s going to be the greatest. We’ve gone ahead and prepped a few questions we’re dying for Iyanla to ask. If she asks just a couple of these questions it’ll make our lives.

1. How did you feel when Rihanna put those shades on that rice cake on Twitter?

2. Do you think you can give Rihanna the fade in a fair one?

3. Has Chris Brown laid hands on you?

4. Let’s discuss the threesomes. Was Chris telling the truth about that?

5. You let Drake chop you down, too? You must get a percentage of the pay-per-views from a Drake vs. Breezy fight.

6. Girl. Girl. Girl. Girl. Did you really think Chris Brown was faithful to you? Ever?

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    7. Kanye West even called you a bottom B who should be lucky to be with Chris Brown. You gonna let him say that?

    8. Chris Brown banged your friend on a cruise and posted it on Instagram. That’s not a question. Just a reminder.

    9. You’re still going to marry that fool, aren’t you?

    10. Chris Brown is probably going to have his baby and his baby momma in the house with you babysitting while he goes out and twerks on Amber Rose or gets in light-skinned angst fights. You going to be okay with that?

    11. How does fat Chris Brown compare to skinny pre-jail Chris Brown? More cushion for the pushing?

    12. You don’t think you can get a decent man that doesn’t hit people and go to jail and have side babies and leave thirsty Instagram comments? Do you?

    13. Back to Rihanna…you think you got better pum pum than her?

    14. Why the hell do you even feel the need to go on Iyanla’s show knowing you’re going to catch the slander? Why is this happening?

    15. Are you going to let your thot form from anger?

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