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Iowa Woman Sentenced 18 Months In Prison For $100,000 Fake Child Fraud

Only 18 months?

Via NYDailyNews

An Iowa woman will serve 18 months in prison for faking a child to swindle nearly $100,000 out of a former lover, the Des Moines Register reported.

Johna Loreen Vandemore, 34, will also have to pay full restitution to the victim, who she had a brief romantic relationship with in 2007, according to court records. They met through a dating website and only saw each other a few times.

After they broke it off, Vandemore told the old flame she was pregnant with his child.

The fooled father, who lives in a Minneapolis suburb, agreed to send monthly $1,000 payments to a post office box, and sent extra cash for holidays and the kid’s non-existent birthday. Altogether the man, who hasn’t been identified, made more than 90 payments to the mock mom for six years.

Vandemore, of Maquoketa, went so far as to provide the unsuspecting non-father with fake medical records and a fake birth certificate from a fake hospital. She also sent him pictures of her cousin’s daughter, claiming it was their kid.

To make matters worse, THIS B**** WAS MARRIED!

When Vandemore’s husband uncovered the monthly checks, she told him it was for sales she made for a nutritional products company.

Check out what her scumbag lawyer had to say about the whole ordeal.

Her defense lawyer, Donovan Robertson, said Vandemore at one point really did believe she was pregnant, which is why she asked for payments in the first place.

He said the dad deceit continued out of “inertia,” and suggested that the man could have learned the truth much sooner if he ever requested to meet the imaginary child.

“These things are not intended to foist responsibility of the victim, but, to show the ease with which a house of cards could have been toppled,” Robertson wrote.

Translation: “Ol’ boy should have known better, all he had to do was ask the right questions.”


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