Who Looked More Bangin’?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Paula Patton was representin’ in her gorgeous shift dress in Cannes while Dania Ramirez worked it out in her body baring ensemble in LA. This is definitely going to be a close call. Pop the hood to make your choice

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  • Gorgeous

    Paula hands down. She always looks confident in her own skin. The other chick looks uncomfortable. Paula all the way.

  • http://www.myspace.com/BeEvolved I LOVE 'EM NATURAL

    by the way i would gladly go RAW…ANAL With Dania Ramirez. I love myself a Dominican Woman. Paula can get it too. At the same time….i can see it now…. while i’m in Dania, i would utalize my left hand inside of paula…throwing up the
    WESTSIDE!!!!! in her vagina….

  • Chocolate Wisdom

    Hard choice – BOTH


    Dania… she could get it real quick like!

  • Chocolate Wisdom

    Chocolate Wisdom says “when faced with a no lose situation take all options…”

  • Say NO to Make up Viola Davis

    Who are they? I think I know Paula

  • Told you so

    I’ll take both please…

  • Bombay3000

    Dania has been in like 3 who’s bangin posts and I think she keeps losing …..

  • http://www.myspace.com/ocky_j Octavia

    DRAW! Both look fab.

  • ATLBlogger


  • chaka1


  • john hope franklin

    the chick on the right…

  • Me No Likey "when a dude trys to holla but he only has 3 teeth"

    They both look fabulous however Paula is pretty whereas Dania is a cute girl “fixed up”.

    More detail:
    Paula could rock jeans and a white tee with lipgloss and still make the banging list.

    Dania could rock jeans and a white tee with lipgloss and only make the cute at the mall list, LMAO!!!!!!

  • Jaye ;-)

    They both look beautiful. How can anyone choose?

  • Sookie

    Mrs. Thicke, hands down.

  • Lady J

    it’s a tie…..

  • Wanjiru

    …who are these folks again?…


  • Brizzy I

    DANIA–hands down. Even though Paula looks cute…Dania looks Banging

  • hellonursenancy

    I have girl crushes on both of them, but 1. Gabby Union, 2. Amber Rose, 3. Kerry Washington, 4. Angelina Jolie 5. Dania Ramirez, 6. Paula Patton

    Allow the list is always subject to change, #1 and 2, NEVER CHANGE….PERMANENT FOR LIFE.

  • DDub

    I’ll take Dania only because Paula married. Peace.

  • The Sniper

    Im going with Dania Ramirez .


    @satan shut the f**k up, every1 knows ur a black person pretendin 2 be white.

  • Ian P

    I am a fan of both but paula can get it sorry robin

  • youalreadyknowwhoitis

    Dania hands down!

  • DP


    I saw the pics of Paula in that dress…doesn’t do her azz any good…

    Dania all the way…

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